About Natalie Hill

Natalie HillNatalie Hill is an adventurer who recently sold her house, her truck and nearly everything else she owned in Tucson, Arizona and moved to Thailand.

She’s currently living in Tucson, Arizona, Palawan, Philippines, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Rawai Beach, Phuket, Thailand, Ithaca, New York, Tucson, Arizona.

Even though she’s done thousands of tapping sessions on herself (well, hundreds anyway), she still has plenty to work on.  As we evolve, new challenges will always continue to emerge :)

Natalie’s committed to removing anything holding her back from fully experiencing joy, vibrancy, adventure, learning, growing, passion, love, health and wealth . . . and helping other ambitious and passionate women do the same.

Natalie’s a Woman Entrepreneur for Women Entrepreneurs

Natalie is PASSIONATE about the possibilities for transformation open to women entrepreneurs.

She sees being an entrepreneur as an opportunity to help others transform their limitations into magnificence.

Natalie has observed that when women earn MORE money . . . they must become MORE themselves.

And that means they become MORE powerful, MORE aware, MORE conscious, MORE spiritual, MORE grateful, MORE in touch with their own personal and professional purpose.

It may sound grandiose, but Natalie sees women entrepreneurs as the key to transforming our world.

She loves teaching, coaching and empowering women entrepreneurs to get paid what they’re worth with the most leading edge marketing and business methods, plus her large bag of mind-body-spirit transformational tools (including Tapping, Energy Medicine, Matrix Reimprinting).

To learn more about Natalie’s private transformational coaching, see this Who I Work With page.