10 EFT Tapping Technique Tips

EFT Tapping Technique TipsEFT Guide for Emotional Tapping

These ten tapping technique tips will help you do faster EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Tapping) and be more successful. Your EFT technique can make a big difference in how well EFT works for you.

Use this EFT guide for quicker and easier emotional tapping.  And see my newest set of 10 EFT Tapping Technique Tips.

1. Tap with two or more fingers so you cover a larger area and maximize the chances of stimulating the meridian. You will often energize more than one meridian this way, more than one meridian passes near several of the EFT tapping points.

2. Tap 5 or more times at each point. Counting isn’t necessary – just tap as you say your tapping phrase at each point.

3. Tap gently on the face and more firmly on your torso. You can tap pretty hard on the Collarbone and Under Arm points.

4. Tap on both sides of the body whenever you can. I’ve had great results tapping on one side only, but I figure the stimulus just has to travel a shorter distance when you tap on both sides.

5. Tap even when you can’t “tap.” What I mean by that is there may be times when you feel emotionally upset, but it would draw too much attention to you to tap.

Like at a conference, in a waiting room or on an airplane.  Tap anyway!  Just do it in your mind.  If feasible, close your eyes and imagine the whole process.  If you focus intently, it can work amazing well.

This non-tapping EFT is also a good idea if it’s the middle of the night and you want to tap for insomnia. Since tapping the meridian points is often energizing, tapping to go to sleep can have the opposite result.  Again – just imagine you are tapping and saying a phrase at each point.  The most important thing here is your focus.

6. Touch the Points.  Another alternative to emotional tapping is to simply touch the points and either say aloud or imagine your phrases.  I sometimes use this method in public places.  If you’re not too dramatic about it, people don’t notice.

7. Upset?  Tap ASAP.  When you feel emotionally upset – anxiety, anger, irritation, dread, resentment, guilt – do emotional tapping therapy ASAP.

You’ll likely be most motivated to do EFT tapping in a situation and emotion that’s current and strong.  As time goes by, the emotion will fade, and you’ll even forget about it.

But if you do nothing to clear or resolve it, the effects will remain in your body mind system.  These energy glitches gradually reduce your energy, vitality, health, intelligence, creativity and vitality for life.

So do your tapping therapy when the emotion is hot.

8.  Tap the Roots.  When doing EFT tapping on a current emotional issue, look for its early roots too.  You’ll be clearing two issues at once.

The first is the current issue.  The second is the early event that has continued to cause similar events/people/situations to trigger you.

By clearing both the current and the early issue, it’s as if you have removed a ball and chain from your body.

Keep doing that and you will get lighter and lighter.   By that I mean your own innate glow will get brighter.  And if you’re like most people who use tapping therapy, you will literally lighten up – lose weight.

I went from a size 14 to an 8 from doing emotional tapping on all my early disturbing events.  I never intended to do EFT tapping to lose weight – it just erased my underlying anxiety and took away my constant need for comfort food – especially carbs.

This is the way to continually reduce the stress load on your mind and body.

9. Tap on what you feel in your body.  When you’re upset, sit quietly and tune into your body.  Notice the effects of the disturbing emotion.  Usually people feel these somewhere in the torso or head – but they can be anywhere.  (Also check out this YouTube EFT video.)

Mentally describe the sensation you notice as clearly as possible.  Put physical labels on it.

Here’s an example of what I felt yesterday when I was doing emotional tapping:

-I feel a buzzing sensation from my solar plexus all through my chest.  There’s a pain in my left chest.  I think my heart hurts.  It’s hard to breathe.  My belly is tight.  I feel really anxious.  This anxiety in my chest.

Now, simply tap a round of EFT tapping using as phrases the physical sensations you noticed. Say one statement at each tapping point.

Often, you can resolve emotional issues without needing to actually talk about the issue.  That’s what happened in my case yesterday.

10. Make a list of what you’re thinking and feeling.  Sometimes when I need EFT, I’m too emotionally upset to think straight and I don’t make much progress with my emotional tapping. That’s when I pull out a journal or piece of paper and list all my troubling thoughts and emotions.

No matter how irrational they sound, just write them down.  It’s often the really crazy thoughts and beliefs – that are just under our conscious awareness – that makes us feel upset.

By tuning into the thoughts that are driving the upsetting emotions, you can resolve the upset at its source.

After writing your list, do EFT tapping, using each statement you wrote at one tapping point.  Add new ones if they occur to you.

When you finish tapping on what you wrote, take a deep breath and reassess.  Notice if new emotions have come up, if you’re upset about something new, or you are feeling better and ready to take some kind of positive action.




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