Can I Record My Tapping Script and Tap Silently?

I just got this question from a reader:

I have a query regarding practicing EFT.  Can I record the transcript in my voice in MP3 Player or in my Mobile and then play it via earphones and do the tapping?

Would it be as effective as saying out the statements aloud?

The reason is the other people in my house do not like that I practice such things.

And here’s how I answered:

Recording it in your own voice and playing it while tapping is a GREAT idea!

And . . . here are some other ways to do EFT effectively in the presence of others:

1. Tap without speaking aloud, just THINK your phrases.

2. Tap without actually tapping or talking.  Imagine you’re tapping, and say the phrases mentally.  This is a highly effective technique you can use when in bed, when so tired or ill you can’t raise your hands or in public places like airplanes and waiting rooms.

The important thing is that you are fully tuned into what you’re doing.  That’s what makes EFT work – not the talking or the fingers.



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