EFT Anxiety Remedy: SALT Tapping Technique

EFT for Anxiety

Learn a simple tapping technique that, combined with three other quick methods make an effective anxiety cure.

Do you know the feeling of living with anxiety?

I sure do.  I’ve lived with the habit of feeling either anxious or excited all my life.  But when I hit 40, my over-stressed adrenals started showing signs of getting fatigued.

I suffered from adrenal fatigue and chronic fatigue for four years, and didn’t really begin to get better until I discovered the mind body therapy connection and EFT tapping.

Anxiety can limit your life in so many ways!

Anxiety is a mental, emotional and physical state that results from fearful thoughts and limiting beliefs about your life.  When you have these thoughts, your body goes into a state of fight, flight or freeze and prepares you to deal with life-threatening danger.

Anxiety causes an increased heart rate, reduced blood flow to your creative brain and to your digestive tract, while sending more blood to your running/fighting muscles.  It closes down the immune system.

As you can imagine, chronic anxiety can lead to all sorts of health problems.

Maintaining a state of anxiety takes a lot of physical energy.

Anxiety drains so much energy that you have little left for feeling joy, creativity, exercising, having fun, feeling loving – or even making love.

Anxiety Cures

That brings me to the solution that I’ve found to work great for anxiety.  I call it SALT.  The letters stand for…

Stop     Ask     Listen     Tap

Here is what you do at each step of SALT.

Stop When we’re feeling anxious, we often don’t stop and actually look at what at what we’re thinking that’s generating the anxiety.  Instead, we have a tendency to try to run from the fear.

So the first step is easy.  Just stop what you’re doing.

Ask You ask yourself questions like these.

What is scary?  What am I feeling anxious about?  What am I thinking that’s causing this anxiety?  What thoughts are under this?  What beliefs are causing this anxiety?

Listen Now listen to what your mind answers.  You may be surprised at what you hear.

Do not discount or argue with the responses.  They may seem silly, illogical, crazy or juvenile.  That’s often the stuff our mind serves up.  And if you aren’t aware of it, you can’t do anything about it.

I recommend writing down the answers you hear.  Then you can more easily use them in the next step.

You will probably be feeling much better already.  But this last step will quell your anxiety even more.

Tap Now is when you bring in the practice of EFT tapping.

If you need tapping instruction sign up for the EFT manual or check out this quick YouTube EFT tapping points video.

Using the answers you got by Asking and Listening, you say your answers aloud while doing tapping therapy.  Say one statement at each tapping point.

You can do the formal EFT with the Set Up on the Karate Chop point, but it’s not essential.  To make this EFT technique quick and something I’m willing to do in the moment, I usually skip the Set Up and just tap the points with my anxious thoughts.

So the tapping might go something like this:

Eyebrow: I’m so anxious.

Side of Eye: I’m scared I’m going to fail.

Under Eye: I’m afraid I’m going to embarrass myself in front of everyone.

Under Nose: I’m worried about what my family will think of me.

Chin: I could go broke and need to be supported – or end up on the streets.

Collar Bone: My health could deteriorate and I’ll end up dying sick, alone, lonely and broke.

Under the Arm: All these anxieties.

Top of Head: I had no idea I was imagining all these terrible outcomes.  No wonder I’m feeling so anxious.

Now, if you want to spend the time, feel free to go ahead and do the full Growing Up tapping technique.  It’s always a good idea to end your tapping with the positive.

But – when you’re in the midst of working or don’t have much time to spare, you can do the SALT process in five minutes or less.

I’ve found that the combination of stopping, asking, listening and tapping is THE best method I’ve used for quickly eliminating anxiety in the moment.  And I’ve used many herbs, homeopathic remedies and supplements that made little difference.  The SALT method has helped me gradually break the tendency to be anxious all the time.

I hope it can do the same for you. Just remember – feeling anxious? – try SALT.

- Natalie

Panic AwayP.S. I’ve recently purchased the Panic Away program and am finding it excellent. For the low price, it comes with a lot of great resources.  Effective techniques. Video instruction.  Audio instruction.  A 256-page ebook and a popular and supportive forum.  I must say, I’m very impressed!

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