EFT Tapping: Feeling Good About Feeling Bad

Emotional Tapping Therapy to Resolve the Big Stuff

Here I describe how I’ve used EFT tapping, Emotional Freedom Tapping to reduce my biggest, baddest core issues.  Without doing this EFT healing, I think I would have abandoned my dream of exploring the world.

Using Emotional Tapping Therapy is enabling me to navigate some stormy seas as I make changes to create a brand new life.

Facing the Dragon

I’m in the process of dreaming, orchestrating and allowing some pretty big changes in my life.

I’m selling my house.

Getting rid of almost all of my possessions.

Ending the professional work that has supported me for the last thirty years.

Leaving the country.

Developing my new internet publishing business.

As you might guess, this is bringing up some fears!

These fears are the dragon I’m referring to.  I must admit, what I’m doing is a pretty big undertaking.

I Could Feel Bad About Feeling Bad

Yep, I could feel terrible about all the emotional discomfort this change is bringing up.

I could be disappointed that I haven’t already resolved these issues.  I could be hard on myself.  I could believe that it would be way easier to just stay where I am and live a nice little life doing what I’ve been doing.

But I actually feel very good about all these bad feelings.  On many levels.

First, it is encouraging to see the current state of my big core issues.  Just a few years ago, when I was using EFT on my biggest core issues, they were HUGE.

My Biggest, Scariest Issue

My biggest issue is the sense that something is wrong with me.  That I’m defective.  I’m unlovable.  I’m just not good enough.

Does that sound familiar?  It’s a universal core issue.

When I first began to feel the depth of that belief / fear, it felt overpowering.  Too huge to feel.  Too huge to live with. It felt like annihilation, like a nuclear bomb.

Once when it came over me, I thought, “Now I understand why people take their lives.”

I’ve worked on it, using EFT tapping therapy each time it’s come up, from different perspectives and in different contexts over the last couple of years.

Now, instead of feeling unsurvivable, like a nuclear bomb, it feels like a bee sting.  Annoying, distracting, but easily healed.

Every week or so since getting close to selling my house, new inner issues have arisen.  I get the indication something is up inside me when I have a craving for carbs.

I’m taking each carb-craving-inner-issue-notice as a new opportunity.  As good news that I get to clear something else in me.

Why Do I Feel Good About All These Bad Feelings?

Because in our normal, everyday lives, these big issues don’t come up.  We just don’t feel this bad.

Things come up.  Sure.  But they don’t often throw us into the depths of our biggest, most painful issues.

However, these unresolved issues are still operating at a low hum under the surface.  They are causing static in the vibration we broadcast.  They are sapping our energy as we keep the lid on and do what it takes to maintain a personal and public sense that we’re OK.

They’re undermining our health.   They’re dimming our brilliance.

So I’m glad these dragons of pain have come up for me.  Because with an obvious enemy, I can use EFT healing to fight the dragon.  I can reduce it’s power.

And I’ll be brighter, clearer, healthier, more energetic in all of my life because of it.


Natalie Hill

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You’ll be a dragon-slayer in nothing flat.

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