Emotional Freedom: How to Get It and Keep It

Emotional Freedom in LifeFreedom Technique for Your Life

Do you feel emotional freedom in your life?  Are you catching and skillfully riding the waves that catch you?

Or are you losing your footing, tumbling and getting swamped by the inevitable waves of life?

Early in my EFT career, I took a workshop that showed me graphically the impact of uncleared trauma.  The presenter drew the outline of a human body on a white board.  Then she named various typical events in the life of a child, teenager and adult.

For every painful event or trauma, she drew a small star.  Here are some of the stars she drew.

*  a scolding

*  a spanking

*  told I was stupid

*  teased by older siblings

*  mistreated by older kids

*  yelled at by a teacher

*  beloved pet died

*  mom forgot to pick you up after school

*  your best friend lied to you

*  crashed your bike and got stitches

*  you got really sick

*  you had surgery

Each of these traumas causes a physical and/or emotional response, that will become stored in the body and reduce your emotional freedom if not cleared.  If we don’t have (and use) a clearing and releasing method, like EFT, those little and big traumas will remain in our mind body system.

They may show up as . . .

. . . increasing anxiety

. . . reduced vitality and energy

. . . chronic pain

. . . illness

. . . hopes and dreams getting dimmer and dimmer over time

Can you relate?

Do you feel less enthusiasm, optimism, resiliency than you did a few years ago, one, two or three decades ago?

My intention is not to depress you, to make you feel even worse.  My intention is to give you a solution. Because there truly is one.

EFT is a tool that can decrease stress and anxiety, increase vitality, energy, even longevity.

Tapping can remove the emotional causes of chronic pain and illness.  

EFT can restore the brilliance of your hopes and dreams.

What I’m recommending here is a two-step emotional freedom process.  It won’t be accomplished overnight (but neither was the state you’re currently in).

Continual Emotional Freedom Process

Step 1:  Clear Your Past Trauma

The process to use here is Gary Craig’s good old Personal Peace Procedure, using the Growing Up Method or the Tell the Story Technique.

In this tapping process you list all the troubling events of your life and systematically tap through them. You will be clearing a whole forest of limiting  beliefs along the way.

No telling how much better you’ll feel as you move through this process.  You’ll likely get more energy, have more entusiasm for life . . . your relationships will likely get easier and you’ll have more fun.

When I did this process, over a 6 month period, I lost 25 pounds – without ever dieting or focusing for one second on food. How?  I lost that anxiety-driven need to eat comfort carbs every night!

I also felt an uplifting of creativity and passion for life. It was as if the emotional residue from the traumas was lifting and allowing my inner brilliance to shine.

Riding the waves of lifeStep 2:  Keep Clear

Here’s what I mean by keep clear.  In all of our lives, troubling things continue to happen.  It’s the nature of life.  As they say, “Sh*t Happens!

As Sh*t Happens in your life, you have two choices – do nothing and let it clog up your energetic system more and more, lowering your vitality, creativity and joy.  Or, you can use an emotional freedom clearing technique like EFT to release the gunk B (Start here with the EFT Manual).

This freedom technique allows you to head into the inevitable waves of your life with confidence, knowing you can take whatever comes.

Doing EFT whenever the need arises can help you look and feel younger, be more resourceful and feel more lively.  I know it can increase the quality of your life and predict it can increase its length.

Keeping yourself “clear” by tapping, will help you take the good and leave the bad.

Here’s a recent example from my life.

I bought a used car and paid $500 more than Consumer Reports said it was worth.  The guy I bought it from, Tex, turned out to be a lier about who had owned the car and for how long.

For around 24 hours, I felt furious and ashamed for paying so much and buying a car from an unscrupulous character.  I was telling myself I was a bad decision-maker, that I was a wimp for not standing up for myself, that I should have checked everything out more carefully.

The experience, my emotions and my damaging self talk were all pushing me in a negative direction.

When I recognized what I was doing, I started tapping on it.

First I cleared the shock of discovering the truth and learning the guy lied to me.

Next I cleared my anger at him for being a crook.

What arose after that was anger at myself for not doing careful due diligence which would have uncovered the truth.

I then cleared my disappointment in myself for not being willing firmly state a fair price and walk away if he said “no.”

Lots to tap on!  But I’m saving the best for last.

Finally, I tapped in good.

I chose to learn beneficial things about what I need to do to make a good decision when lots of money is on the line.

I chose to congratulate myself for the smart things I HAD done – hired a mechanic to examine the car before I bought it.  Did lots of online research to discover good models in my price range.

I continued tapping until I felt neutral about the seller.  And positive about me.

I guess if I was to tell you the single most important element in Keeping Clear, it would be to stay in a state of feeling love and approve of yourself.  

When you don’t feel that love and approval, find out why and tap until it returns.

Have you done the Personal Peace Procedure?  Want to learn more about how to do it?  Let me know if you’re curious – maybe I’ll teach a course leading your through it.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – and here’s your action to take:

Take Action

1. Find at least one event in the past month or year that you still feel bad about.  Could be you’re still judging yourself, or another, or even God.

2. Use the Growing Up Method to Dump, Dream and Decide your way into a state of loving and approving of yourself.

Then come back here and let us know how it changed things for you.



p.s. Want to get a jump start on emotional freedom, so you can easily balance on the waves of your life?  This course, called Make EFT Work Every Time, will help you effectively clear each event you tap on.

This will help you go from discouraged, doubtful, overwhelmed or insecure to optimistic, confident and clear.  Learn more here.

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