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Mood EnhancersQuick Cure for Negative Thinking

Law of Attraction How to #4

Here are some powerful mood enhancers to lift your bad mood quickly and easily.

This is the fourth in a series of articles about the Law of Attraction.  For a historical perspective, check out the first three articles:  Thoughts, feelings and the law of attraction,  How to visualize so it works, tapping script to clear negative thinking and  Resistance to Change – Feeling Good About Feeling Bad about how to avert self sabotage when things get good fast.

New to EFT tapping?  Start here.

This article teaches you an easy bad mood remedy you can use mentally, in writing, or aloud to bring you quickly from a state of feeling crabby or defeated to feeling better and better.

You can even boost the benefits more by adding some EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to the process.

This technique works like a charm to help me get from feeling grumpy, crabby, unappreciative, ungrateful, or slightly negative…

…to feeling cheerful, upbeat, appreciative, grateful and happy.

I Was Wet and Grumpy

I discovered this method one day when I was swimming laps at an outdoor pool in Tucson, Arizona.

As I swam, I noticed that I was in a bad mood.  I was thinking grumpy thoughts about everything I turned my attention to.

The blue sky.  The fluffy clouds.  The mild air temperature.  The sensations of the water on my skin.  The movement of my muscles.  The others swimming laps.  The kids and families playing in the water. The lifeguards.

None of it was pleasing to me.  I was seeing it all with a negative slant.

You know, the glass half empty syndrome.

So it occurred to me to make a mental appreciation list as I was swimming.  You’ve heard how appreciation lists help get you into a better emotional, or higher vibrational place – right?

Well, I couldn’t do it.

I just didn’t feel happy enough to think a single appreciative thought.

So I tried a little trick I’d never used on myself, but I’ve used with clients and students for years.  It’s a way to trick the gatekeepers of the mind into letting something slip by.  It lowers your inner resistance.

I said, mentally as I swam,

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate…

Heres’ the way it sounded, inside my head as I swam.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate the color of the blue sky.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate those fluffy white clouds over there.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate the temperature of the water.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate the way the water feels on my skin.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate this club I’m swimming at.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate the affordable price of this club.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate my body’s ability to swim laps.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate that I learned to swim all those years ago.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate those happy kids swimming over there.

If I felt happy right now, I might appreciate this enjoyable way of getting exercise.

And what happened?

I started feeling happy!

I went from that glass half empty feeling to feeling completely able to feel appreciation about everything around me and my life in general.


There are several elements to this technique that I’ve realized are important components.

Verbal Mood Enhancers – Key Elements

Mood Enhancers - Shoehorn Words1.  Shoehorn Words

You don’t see shoehorns much any more.  It’s a shame, because they make such great metaphors.

A  shoehorn allows your foot to slip into a shoe without pain or resistance.

Mood Enhancers Shoehorn WordsAnd that’s the key here too.

When you’re in a bad mood, you’re in pain – and you’ve got resistance to changing.

You may not actually feel like you want to be in the bad mood, but you also may not feel like you want to get out of it.

Or you may not see a way out. And you may resist yours or other’s attempts to get you out of your bad mood.

It’s as if your mind is stuck in a negative thinking rut.  You’re caught there with no obvious way out.

This is the time to just make a gentle hint that you can get to a better feeling place.  Using the words “if” and “might” do that.

If and Might are shoehorn words because they slip these positive possibilities by the grouchy gatekeepers of your conscious mind.

2.  Positive words

The positive words suggest the mood you’d like to move to.

In the case above, I used the words “happy” and “appreciate.”  Any positive words will do and this practice is easy to customize to your particular emotional state.

Here’s a list of some positive words might choose…















3. Constructing Your Sentence

The basic sentence structure is this:

If I was feeling ______, I might _____….

Here are some other phrases you can use as starters to get you out of a bad mood.

If I could appreciate anything right now, I might appreciate…

If I felt gratitude for anything right now, I might feel gratitude for…

If I liked anything I saw, I might like…

If I could feel even a little good right now, I might feel good about…

If I was feeling confident right now, I might…

If I was feeling compassionate right now, I might think (or say)…

If I was feeling optimistic right now, I might look forward to …

If I was feeling supportive right now, I might…

If I could congratulate myself right now, I might congratulate myself for…

4.  Supercharge With Tapping

Make these mood enhancers even more mood enhancing by adding tapping.

Here are the tapping points, just in case you’re not familiar with them, or need a refresher.

Use several fingertips of either hand and tap one point while you say the phrase – either aloud or silently.

Although you can start at any point, I generally begin at the eyebrow point, work my way down, then go to the top of the head.  Then I start again at the eyebrow point.

See this one minute EFT tapping points video to see it done.

No extra set-up is needed, but if you’re familiar with the process, you can add it.

Bennies of Verbal Mood Enhancers

These phrases have been powerful mood enhancers for me.  Super cheap, drug-free, non-invasive and easy to use.  What more could you want?

Used this way, they become powerful Law of Attraction exercises that allow you to get the benefit of positive affirmations…

…even before you feel positive enough to think or say them!

I’m sure there are hundreds of these we can use.  I’d love to hear any you come up with, or your experiences using them.

Have you got any sentence starters you can suggest?


p.s.  I love to work with folks to help them get happier, more creative and to find greater success in all areas of life.  Contact me for a free 20 minute coaching session.



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