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EFT Videos Series – EFT Tapping, Why Focus on the Negative?

In this short YouTube EFT video, Phillip Mountrose explains why we focus on the negative, on what’s wrong when using EFT tapping therapy (Emotional Freedom Tapping).  This negative focus, as part of the tapping technique, is often criticized as going against positive thinking.

This is another in a series of EFT videos so you’ll have an easy and quick way to learn more about EFT tapping from some of the true pros in the field.

What Did You Think?

How’d you like Phillip’s analogy of putting new furniture into a dirty room?

Have you tried to change your life with positive thinking alone?  I know I have.  What I’ve found is that no matter how many times I affirmed that I was worthy and lovable, the results just didn’t happen…

… until I cleared the inner blocks that refused to believe I was worthy and lovable.  And that required focusing on the negative – until I got clear.

But that’s just MY experience.  I’d love to know what your experience has been with using positive AND negative affirmations – with EFT or without.  Leave a comment!


Natalie Hill

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