Your Vibration – How Abundance Tapping Can Change it

Do you know you can be more than you are?  That your life can be more fulfilling, successful and joyful?  Abundance Tapping is one way to change your vibration – and your life.

You are creating your life, in very moment, by the vibration that is emanating from you.

This vibration is generated by the thoughts that you think and the emotions that you feel. Together, they equal your vibration.

A low vibration is caused by negative thinking.

By critical, pessimistic, self-conscious, blaming, scared, “I can’t do it, life is hard, it’s all their fault,” thinking.

The corresponding emotions would be fear, anger, irritation, worry, discouragement, helplessness, hopelessness.

Together, those thoughts and emotions put out a vibration that attracts events, people and circumstances to your life that are likely to evoke the same vibration.

This is how lots of anxious thoughts can attract more anxiety-causing events to your life.

The Law of Attraction is Like a Radio

Because the universe acts like a radio, when you tune your vibrational dial to fear, you get fearful, scary people, things and events in your life.

Now, the question you may be asking is what can you do about this?  How can you change you vibration?

Because if you’re feeling anxious all the time, to just say, “Quit being anxious.  It’s a bad vibe and it’s gonna bring negative things into your life,” doesn’t work.  In fact, it may cause you to feel even more anxious!

Our habitual thoughts, the beliefs that we hold, and our recurring feelings were mostly initiated by events in our childhoods.  Usually in our families or at school.

The events of our lives stimulated us to make meaning out of them.

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you drop and break something as a young child, a two-year old.  You look at your mother’s face for her reaction. You interpret her facial expression as upset, or disappointed, disgusted or angry.

As a little toddler, you may decide that look means there is something wrong with you.  That you are bad. That you are a bad person.

She doesn’t suspect what’s going on inside you. She’s just thinking about the mess she has to clean up and her frustration.

So you conclude you’re defective.

That conclusion is drawn and that is the formation of a belief.  A belief you may hold your entire life.

Without being questioned and transformed, that belief can act your whole life to limit you.  The belief that there’s something wrong with you can limit what you can accomplish and achieve.  Or even what you can experience, in terms of joy, love and, of course in the abundance you can attract into your life.

And that belief will perpetuate itself.

When you hold the belief there’s something wrong with you, you look for evidence that it’s true.  You interpret more looks to confirm your belief.  You think you hear people saying there’s something wrong with you.  And your vibration brings you more experiences that feel like you’re defective.

It’s a viscous cycle or Catch 22.

The more lousy you feel, the more lousy your life becomes and the more lousy you feel.

And here’s the bad news.

99.99% of us carry around the belief that there’s something wrong with us, that we’re defective, unlovable, not good enough.

The result?

Our lives are half lived.  We don’t rise to our true potential.  Our true brilliance is dimmed.

Now, conversely, if you are feeling a sense of power, of joy, of love, of appreciation, of “anything is possible,” of confidence and capability, then…

…your vibration, made of your thoughts and emotions, sent out through the universe, will bring back events, circumstances and people which match that vibration.

So you’re much more likely, with a good vibration, to attract good opportunities, trustworthy, helpful and loving people, healthy relationships and abundance in all areas of your life.

How can we transform those core beliefs?

Through decades of reading self-help books, going to workshops and working with professionals in multiple areas of healing, eventually, I stumbled upon the method called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT Tapping.

Of all the dozens of methods that I have learned and used…

…Abundance Tapping is the only one that has enabled me to reliably produce positive results every time I use it, to move me from a lower vibrational state to a positive vibrational state.

EFT goes way beyond positive thinking.

Because it actually acknowledges the dark thoughts, the scared, pessimistic part of us that cannot be permanently cleansed, removed or repressed anyway.  And it enables us to move from a negative to a positive state.

Why I Love Abundance Tapping

Having a tapping technique that I can use myself, to quickly and easily transform my negative thoughts and emotions has been liberating to me.

EFT is not the only method out there that can do this.  But it’s the best one I’ve found.  It’s the best fit for me, of all the techniques I’ve used.

Abundance tapping may or may not be a good fit for you.  You won’t know until you do a little study, learn the process and give it a go.  That can take you about a week of learning and testing.  If you get results, keep learning and doing EFT.

I’ve transformed my life.  You can too. Here’s the question to ask yourself.

Is your life worth it?

If you answer is a YES! and you want to learn more about abundance tapping, here are some suggestions:

  • Read the EFT Manual.  Better yet, sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get, as a bonus, the EFT manual in a printable format.
  • Consider buying the The Tapping Solution DVD .  You’ll witness the transformation of a group of people over three days of tapping.

  • Look into any of the programs by EFT master, Carol Look.  I’ve found her programs to be easy to use, extremely well done and they’ve helped me make deep, beneficial changes.

I’d love to hear your favorite EFT methods for changing your vibration!


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