After EFT Abundance Tapping

Attracting What You Want

While you go about clearing your inner blocks with EFT abundance tapping (that’s Emotional Freedom Tapping for abundance),  you use Law of Attraction activities to attract what you want.

(Miss the first half of this formula?  See this article.)

There are many, many great ways to do this.

My favorites involve methods to help you feel good.

Turns out that feeling good is contagious – it makes others feel better too.

And it’s addictive – the better you feel, the better you want to keep feeling.

But this might be the best part about feeling good…

…The better you feel, the better-feeling stuff you attract into your life.

Gratitude.  Appreciation.  Joy.  Love.  Freedom.

Those are the good vibes you want to feel as much as possible.

What Are You Attracting?

When you’re in an emotional or vibrational state of appreciation or gratitude, you are attracting more positive experiences and people and opportunities to your life.

When you’re emotionally down – feeling discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed, insecure – you’re attracting experiences, people and opportunities that are likely to bring you more of the same.

When you are feeling bad, first use tapping therapy to clear the negative.

Then do one of the following activities to life you even higher.

Here are some of my favorite Attraction Activities.

Vibe Boosting Lists

You can do these activities in writing, speak them or just think them.  I do all three, and when I’m it works for me, I love to write them.

I feel the power of my own words, written by my hand, in my handwriting, on paper.  I don’t know what it is, but I know there’s power in that.

(I buy those $2 composition books and have filled a dozen of them with tapping scripts and Law of Attraction exercises and tapping scripts.)

10 Things Lists

List 10 things…

…that make you feel good.

…you feel happy about.  (Anything goes here.  What makes you feel happy?  Seek out and list things that make you feel happy when you experience or think of them.)

…you are grateful for.

…you appreciate in this moment.   (This could be as small as the way your sheets feel on your skin, the beauty of the leaves on a tree, or the consistent and reliable beating of your heart, all these years.)

…you love.

What if you’re not feeling joy, gratitude or appreciation?  Then use the following as joy booster seats.  They’re similar the Dreaming phase of my Growing Up Method.

Instead of telling your mind, You Must Be Positive Right Now and Think Lovely Appreciative Thoughts, you are just suggesting a possibility.  That’s easier to swallow if you’re not feeling so hot.

Joy Booster Lists

What if I could feel appreciation right now?  What 10 things would I appreciate?

What if I could picture myself as successful?  What 10 things would I see?

What if my life was going exactly like I’d most love it to go?  What are 10 things I would be doing?

Let it be easy…

Remember, you don’t need any special equipment to do these attracting abundance activities.

You can think them, say them aloud or write them.  To boost their power, tap while making your lists.

Combined with EFT abundance tapping, they can help you change your life fast.

That’s what I do to attract abundance into my own life.  Love to know what you think and how this works for you.


Natalie Hill

p.s. I wrote this article in response to a question from a reader.  I so appreciate your questions and comments.

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