EFT Abundance Tapping with Carol Look

Are You Attracting Abundance in All Areas of Your Life?

Attracting Abundance with EFT
Did The Secret Work for You?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve done all kinds of Law of Attraction exercises, like the ones shown in The Secret.  But they’ve all just left me discouraged.

How about you?

It wasn’t until I began working with Carol Look that I found the real SECRET to making The Secret work.  Here’s the thing.  You have to clear your blocks with EFT Abundance tapping before activities for attracting abundance will work for you.

I’ve found Carol to be one of the most skilled, articulate, intuitive likable and understandable of the EFT masters and teachers.  I’ve taken workshops from Carol and own nearly everything she’s produced.  One thing I continually appreciate about her products is their incredible value.

Carol Look Over-Delivers

In her Business Abundance course, she advises you to over-deliver – and she definitely does with everything she creates.

Attracting Abundance is Carol Look’s specialty.  And what she’s done with her life over the last decade is amazing proof of how well her practices work.

Combining EFT Tapping and the Law of Attraction

Of all her product, my personal favorite is the set of Vibration of Abundance Audeo CDs.

The entire focus is on how to increase the abundance in your life.  She teaches how to apply the principals of the Law of Attraction, combined with EFT to increase your abundance in any area of your life – health, relationships, creativity, business success, financial prosperity.

The CDs include systematic instruction in the use of Law of Attraction activities and how to boost their power with EFT.  She goes through all the major blocks to feeling a vibration of abundance and guides you to release the blocks with many follow-along tapping sessions.

I started the course in January of 2010 and worked through it gradually over several months.  Doing her course coincided with negotiations for selling my house.  I listened to CD #3 – Safety, Identity and Deserving Issues, and CD #5 – Guilt and Shame right when I was in the most pain and about to sabotage the deal.

The Wounded Healer

As an EFT practitioner, it was so interesting and enlightening to me to see how so many of my issues boiled down to shame from my childhood!  I’ve come to truly appreciate the big emotional pain in my life, since I now have a tool I can use to clear it.  But more importantly, the same tool, tapping therapy of course, allows me to pull up the root cause of today’s pain – preventing future pain and clearing my way to greater joy, love, health, energy and abundance.  Yipee!

I used the EFT abundance scripts Carol guides you through, tapping along as she talks you through the points.  Plus whenever memories came up for me, I took little side-trips to clear them.

Without Carol’s help, I think I would have sabotaged the sale of my home.  I didn’t realize it, but I had a lot of inner resistance to making the change I’m embarking on.

Peeling Through the Onion

Just last week, on one of my drives to Scottsdale from Tucson, I started the course over.  I figure personal growth can be seen like the layers of an onion.  I peeled off a few layers the first time through her course.  This time, I’ll go even deeper.

Overall, the Vibration of Abundance Audeo CDs is well worth the cost – especially in the positive changes I’ve witnessed in myself and in the friend I went through the course with.  We each bought all the components – the Abundance book, the 52 weeks of tapping scripts, the Vibration of Abundance and Business Abundance Now.  We met weekly for 15 weeks to go through the 15 Business Keys and did the rest of the program on our own.

Here are my reviews of Carol Look’s Attracting Abundance products.

Attracting Abundance with EFT

Attracting Abundance With EFT book and audios.  The material is excellent.  The font size and layout of the book puts me off a little, but the information is awesome and can truly facilitate life changes.  This was really helpful in launching my personal project to learn more about the Law of Attraction.  I’ve bought and read several of the other books Carol suggested.

Vibration of Abundance – Of all her abundance materials, this is my personal favorite.  It combines EFT and the Law of Attraction activities, creating a powerhouse combo. I like learning from audios.  Carol reveals the secrets of making The Secret work in these audios.  The EFT tapping sequences helped me go much deeper in clearing my old family stuff.  I’ve felt more comfortable than ever before, in my recent encounters with my family (which is one of my best personal growth barometers).

The Beginner’s Abundance Package – I especially love the 52 audio tappings in this package and return to them over and over.  They’re quick to do and easy to add to (since Carol often moves to “choosing” before I’m ready).

Business Abundance Now ProgramBusiness Abundance Now – 15 Keys for Bringing Energy Psychology and the Law of Attraction to Your Bottom Line.  The 15 keys in this course didn’t always apply to my situation, since I work for myself and currently have no employees.  But the client EFT sessions were VERY helpful.


Natalie Hill

p.s. If you buy any of Carol Looks EFT Abundance products, I’d love to hear how you use them and how they help you change your life.
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