EFT Techniques for Attracting Abundance

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Here’s a simple way to use Emotional Freedom Tapping, or EFT techniques to increase both the feeling of abundance in your life – and your actual abundance.  It’s an easy way for attracting abundance.

How’s it work?

When you feel more abundant, your expectation of abundance will increase. When you expect to have a more abundant life, you look for evidence of increased abundance. What you look for, you see.

That’s one way you increase the perception of abundance in your life.

But I believe it works another way too. We are all creating our lives by our thoughts and emotions. So when we feel happy and expect good things to happen, good things actually do happen.

It’s both a perception of good things and the reality of more good things.

Method for Attracting Abundance

I’ll give you two choices of where you do this. Both methods are otherwise the same.

Do this either laying in bed, or standing in front of a mirror, looking yourself in the eye. It’s best to talk aloud if you do it in front of the mirror. In bed, you can do the exercise silently. If you share your bed with another person, this is a great exercise to do together.

Begin by saying, “One good thing about today is…” and finish the sentence with something good about your day.

Then, to continue that vibe of gratitude and good feelings, say, “And one thing I really liked about that is…” Again, finish the sentence by elaborating on the thing you started with. You can continue by adding, “Another thing I liked about that is…”

Do that several times until you feel complete with that particular part of your day.

Then go on to another feeling, event, way you handled yourself, or anything other part of your day.

After doing this for around five minutes, do the following. If you’re in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say, “I love and approve of you, ___,” and insert your name. If in bed, hug yourself and say the same thing. You can add any other expressions of love, such as “you are wonderful. I adore you,” etc.

Adding in EFT Techniques

Now, to turn this into an EFT tapping, simply tap on the Emotional Freedom Tapping points while naming the things you liked about your day and while saying you love yourself.

When you begin to focus on what’s good in your life, you change your focus and get tuned into abundance more of the time. And when you focus more on abundance, that’s what you attract and create.

This is one of my favorite EFT techniques – I do it every night while laying in bed, just before going to sleep.  I add a hug around myself and some adoring, loving words.  The kind of words we all wish we were told as children.  I say things like…

“I love you Natalie.  You are wonderful.  I adore you and I approve of you.”

Combined with the Set Up affirmations in EFT tapping, saying loving things to yourself goes a long way to improve self-love and self-acceptance and heal those old wounds that tell us we are not lovable and that there’s something wrong with us.

I hope you love this exercise as much as I do.  Leave a comment and let us all know how it works for you – or what is your favorite self-loving method.


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