How to Be a Manifestation Master – 3 Steps

Want to be a Manifestation Master?

I woke up in the night last night with a Garden Metaphor for Manifestation and how to use tapping to support growing a beautiful life.

There are 3 steps for manifesting your beautiful:

1. Clear the soil – pull the weeds
2. Plant new seeds
3. Nurture and maintain

This whole process is very empowering, because it puts you in charge, as the master gardener of your life.  Plus, it takes you out of the role of being a victim to whatever sprouts up.  This process and the awareness it brings, allows you to take charge of what you plant, grow and nurture in your life.

Let me tell you more about what you need to do in each of the three steps.

Step 1:  Clear the Soil – Pull the Weeds

First you must identify what is a weed. In other words, you must be willing to look inside and clearly see the limiting beliefs that are holding you back, the critical or unkind self talk, the doubts that keep you stuck and small.

You must be willing to notice the emotions of anger or resentment or fear that are keeping you stuck in repeating the same destructive patterns over and over.

These are the weeds that are choking out your new growth, that are preventing new beautiful, healthy seeds of your brilliance and creativity from sprouting.

As you know, tapping is my FAVORITE clearing method . . . because it’s SO efficient and effective.

Here’s what you do, in this first CLEARING step:  

Start by making a list of your complaints, fears, doubts. I call this Dumping.

Tap all those doubts and fears until they don’t feel like so much of an issue any more.

Now it’s time to plant new seeds.

Step 2:  Planting New Seeds

This is where the fun REALLY begins!

You get to direct what you want to grow in the garden of your life instead of thorny, ugly weeds of doubt and fear and limitation.

Begin by making a new list.  Head the list: What I want to think and feel instead.

Then start each sentence with “What if. . . “

You use this language to prevent the mind from rejecting your new, positive ideas.  (The mind isn’t quite as receptive to new growth and ideas as your fertile soil in our metaphor is  :)

Your mind has a vested interest in the status quo – in eveything staying the same in an effort to keep you safe.

So, in order to prevent the backlash of rejection, resistance and self-sabotage, you must move things gently in the direction you want them to go.  Starting your desires with “What if . . .” avoids that resistance.

Step 3:  Nurturing the Tender New Growth

Small new plants are fragile! They can be burnt by the sun.  They’ll whither and die quickly without water.

And as they grow, they need the right nutrients, sun and water to grow strong and beautiful.

Your new thoughts, beliefs and habits are the same as those tender young sprouts.

Just planting them is not enough.

You must strengthen them each day by supplying them with what they need – in the case of new habits of thought and emotion – that means encouraging and nurturing them.

And you must be vigilent to pull out any weeds you see sprouting up – which are negative thoughts, destructive emotions running rampant – excessive fear, resentment on the loose, habitual anger.

The best way I know to nurture your new thought beliefs is with Afformations.

I recently learned about Afformations – and I LOVE them! Their inventor is Noah St. John – you can google him for more information and his books and products.

These are similar to our familiar affirmations, except they come in the form of a question starting with “Why .  .”.

Afformations get your brain working to make the question come into reality, and without those negative rebuttals we get with affirming statements.

For example – if you state, “I easily make $10,000 a month” and you don’t yet, your mind might argue back, “YEA, Right.”  But if you ask, “Why do I easily make $10,000 a month?” your mind is set to thinking, “Yea, why do I?  And looks for ways to explain why you make the money, making it much more likely you actually WILL make $10,000 a month.

Examples of Afformations:

Why am I so loving?
why is my body so strong and fit and healthy?
Why does money come to me so easily?
Why am I surrounded by wholesome, loving people?
Why am I such a caring, sharing, happy money magnet?

I am now recommending you use Afformations in the Deciding round of my Growning Up Method.  In my next article, I’ll create a script for you, using Afformations instead of “I’ve decided,” and “I choose,” statements.

In the meantime, your assignment is to be your own manifestation master and play with creating your own Afformations.

Then come back here and let us know, in the comments, how it went!

Afform Away!

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