I Don’t Have Enough Money

One of the most common fears we have is “I don’t have enough money.”

Does this feel familiar to you?

It’s common to think you don’t have enough money, there isn’t enough money for you or you can’t afford the things you want and fear you’ll run out of money.

And when we think that way, guess what happens?  We make it come true. We keep money out of our lives!

It’s important that when you find yourself in this place, you do something to change your state.

There are many ways to change your mental, emotional and physical state.  Here are a few that I use:

  • Jumping on my rebounder (mini-trampoline) while saying affirmations, asking my “what will it take” questions or answering the 5 Right Questions from Breaking the Rules by Kurt Wright
  • Writing – especially dialoging with my “Trusted Guidance.”
  • Saying affirmations that counter the scared thoughts, which include, “There is plenty of money.”
  • Opening my heart by putting my arms back and literally opening up my chest.  Imagining breathing in and out of my heart.
  • Inviting the upsetting emotion to get stronger, obliterate me (this one works surprisingly well).
  • Speaking to my inner child, using comforting, nurturing phraseology such as, “Of course you’re scared . . . I’m here to protect you.”
  • Walking in nature and asking for guidance from the earth and plants.
  • Taking a bath or shower (grounds you).
  • Getting my bare feet on the earth.

Here’s a tapping script that deals directly on the fear of not having enough money and takes you to a more trusting space.

Eyebrow:  I don’t have enough money.

Side of Eye:  I’m afraid I’m going to run out of money.

Under the Eye:  There’s not enough money in my bank account.

Under Nose:  I can’t afford to pay for everything I need and want.

Chin: I don’t see how enough money will EVER be coming in.

Under Collarbone:  I could go broke.

Under Arm: I could become destitute and end up living on the street.

Top of Head:  I’m just going to be open to how horrible this feels and acknowledge the sensations in my body.

Take three Oxytocin Breaths:

1. make your mouth into a slight smile

2. inhale into a relaxed belly

3. exhale with an audible sigh – “Ahhhhhhh!”

Let’s tap again . . .

Eyebrow:  What if there IS enough money for me?

Side of Eye:  What if there’s enough money for me and for everyone?

Under the Eye:  What if I’m on the right track and just need to stick to my plan.

Under Nose:  What if I could trust that my job, my customers, my clients are on their way?

Chin:  What if, by imagining and seeing the money I want coming in, I’m doing my very best work?

Under Collarbone:  What if it’s my job to give, and the Universe’s job to pay me?

Under Arm:  What if I can do my job – give my gifts?

Top of Head:  And watch, in a relaxed and expectant way, for the way my money comes to me?

Take three Oxytocin Breaths

Eyebrow:  I am worthy of wealth.

Side of Eye:  There is plenty of money for me and for everyone.

Under the Eye:  My tribe of clients or customers are looking for me and want to hire me.*

Under Nose:  Doing my work is opening me to my deeper purpose.

Chin:  There is enough for everyone.

Under Collarbone:  My angels are loving, guiding, supporting, helping me.

Under Arm:  I am loved, deeply loved.*

Top of Head:  Money flows to me through other people. *

How did this change your I Don’t Have Enough Money thinking?  Love to hear from you in the comments.


*  Copyright ©2012 IAWBC. All Rights Reserved. Certified Money, Marketing and Soul ® Coach Training Program


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