Steps to Manifestation – 3 Stages to Tap into Abundance

When you use the 3 steps to manifestation I share below, you’ll clear your negative more quickly and completely, and you’ll move to the positive more confidently and stay there longer.

And since the key to manifestation is to stay in a positive, easy state of expectation more often and for longer periods of time, these three steps will help you manifest what you want in your life more consistently.

Tapping, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), is a process that connects your mind and your body – your conscious and your unconscious.

New to EFT/Tapping?  Start here.

EFT/Tapping allows you to change from that adrenaline-charged fight or flight survival state to the oxytocin-filled state of ease and intuition.

About Tapping

I always recommend starting your tapping with plenty of negative Dumping.

Dumping – complaining, whining, allowing your inner victim to express is healing and nurturing to that part of you that’s in a bad mood, scared, resistant to change.

And if you skip this part, or try to do it quickly to get it over with, you may find yourself sabotaging yourself later.

So Dump thoroughly.

Then I recommend you move to the “What if” stage I call Dreaming.  This allows for a healthy dose of resistance to change and allows that resistant part of you (of all of us) to feel safe before moving on.

Finally, end with “Afforming.”

(If you’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about with Dumping and Dreaming, you can learn more by reading this article on my signature Growing Up Method or you can dive deeply into how it all works with Make EFT Work Every Time.)

About Afformations

Afforming is a question you ask about something that’s assumed to already be happening.

Noah St. John, the inventor of Afformations, uses questions that start with Why.

Some examples of Afformation questions:

Why is my body so fit and healthy?

Why does everything work out so easily for me?

Why is my life getting better and better?

Noah says these afformations get the brain engaged in figuring out the puzzle, which it loves.

So instead of the knee-jerk rebuttal of “Yea, right,” you may get from the traditional affirmation (“I have a million dollars in the bank – Yea, right”), affirmations get the mind trying to figure out how to make it happen.

Tapping With Afformations

Here’s a tapping script demonstrating how to use Afformations in your tapping.  I use the topic of not feeling good enough or not feeling able of doing something hard.

For simplicity, I’m going to demonstrate this without a Set Up.


Eyebrow: I can’t do it.

Side of Eye: I’m not good enough

Under Eye:  It’s too hard

Under Nose:  I’ll never learn it

Chin:  I’ll never be good at this

Collarbone:  I’m going to fail

Under Arm:  I might as well give up

Top of Head:  I just can’t do it


Eyebrow: What if I can do it?

Side of Eye: What if I am good enough?

Under Eye:  What if it’s not too hard for me?

Under Nose:  What if I can learn it?

Chin:   What if I can get good at this?

Collarbone:  What if I succeed?

Under Arm:  What if I just keep at it until I’m good?

Top of Head:  What if I actually can do it?


Eyebrow: Why can I do it?

Side of Eye: Why and I good enough?

Under Eye:  Why is this is easy for me?

Under Nose:  Why is this is easy for me to learn?

Chin:   Why am I good at this?

Collarbone:  Why do I succeed at this?

Under Arm:  Why do I just keep at this until I’m good?

Top of Head:  I wonder why I can actually do this.

 One super cool thing about these scripts is that they are SO easy to create and so amazingly effective at changing your mental state from scared, resistant or anxious to neutral, and then on to positive and optimistic – the key to becoming a manifestation master!

3 Key Steps to Manifestation Using EFT

  1. DUMP:  list 8 complaints, gripes, negative thoughts or reasons why something in your life is a mess. Tap each complaint on one tapping point.
  2. DREAM:  Now take your original list of 8 complaints, turn them into a positive question and start them with “What if.” So, I can’t do it becomes What if I can do it?
  3. AFFORM:  Finally, turn your What if questions into Why questions.  Example of one statement in all three sections:  Dumping: I can’t do it  Dreaming:  What if I can do it?  Afforming:  Why can I do it?

Your Assignment:

Try your hand at creating an afformations script for us to tap.   Type it in the comments below. We’ll love you for it!

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