Tapping for a Miracle

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Tapping for a Miracle

You might consider this a Law of Attraction EFT script, but I actually think it’s much more than that.

This script will help you when there’s something you want to have, or want to happen or a new way you want to be in your life . . .

. . . but you can’t imagine it really happening.

Either it feels like way too much of a stretch, or it seems impossible, or you can’t imagine how it could come to be.

But you still want it.

I created this script because I need it right now myself.

I’m getting a ride from Scottsdale to Tucson, Arizona today, where I plan to live for the winter.

Tucson is NOT made for public transport (and I don’t see myself bicycling everywhere I want to go).

So I want to buy a car – a used one for under $5000.

But I don’t have an extra $5000 right now.

(wishing I hadn’t sold my truck when I left the US last year).

I wrote this script for both of us.

To help me open the possibility of getting a car and to help you open the possibility of getting whatever it is you want right now.

This tapping script will help you:

  • let go of anxiety and doubt
  • relax around your dream
  • open your self to inspiration
  • increase your “vibe” about it
  • invite help from angels, guides, God, Source
  • have fun around your dream

Tap with me?

Tapping for a Miracle

If you’re new to tapping, see the drawings below for the tapping points.

Tapping continually on the Karate Chop:

Even though I have this dream, and I can’t imagine how it could possibly come true, what if I could be open to inspiration?

Even though I need to bring something new into my life, and I don’t see how it can happen, I’d like to be open to the possibility anyway.

Even though I want and need this thing I’m imagining, and it seems out of my reach, I’d like to extend my hand, being open to a miracle.

Tapping through the points:

I have this dream
It’s something I want
It’s something I need
I want something new in my life
And I just don’t see how it can happen
I don’t have any way to make it happen
I don’t have the time
I don’t have the method
I don’t have the money
I don’t have the resources
It feels impossible
And hopeless
And that makes me want to give up
Because I think I have to know how it can happen
I seriously doubt this dream can ever come true

Well, what if I don’t have to know how?
What if figuring out how is not my job?
What if my job is dreaming the dream?
And being open to inspiration?
Being open to insight?
Being open to a miracle
What if I could allow the possibility that I don’t have to know how
What if I could turn over that responsibility to my angels, my guides, my unseen helpers, God, Source (fill in your words here)
What if my job is to keep the dream
To see and feel it fulfilled
Their job is to deliver ways it could happen
To send me clues, hints, insights, possibilities
My job is to remain open, alert, anticipating, trusting
And tapping to let go of any fear or doubt

I LIKE this idea!
I like the idea of knowing what my job is
My job is to hold my dream in my heart
Figuring out how my miracle will happen is not my job.
And I’m happy to turn that job over to my unseen helpers
I choose to be open for ways my dream can come true
Knowing that my helpers are creating ways to make it true right now
I don’t have to know how
I don’t have to figure it out
I just have to dream
I choose to dream my dream
I choose to be open to a miracle
I choose to do my job and let my unseen helpers do theirs
I choose to expect a miracle
I choose to remain open and alert to possibilities
I choose to be delightfully surprised at the way my dream comes into reality
I choose to let this be easy and fun.
I choose to be grateful for this miracle right now.

Tapping in Gratitude
I am grateful for my life
And all who I love and who love me
For the earth
And the heavens
For the beauty everywhere I look
For the spark of life
For so many blessings
For my body
My mind
For the angels, guides, God and Source
For Life
For Me
Thank you, thank you, thank you

Use this Tapping for a Miracle EFT script as often as a couple of times a day.  Then – return to this post and tell us about YOUR miracle!



p.s. You might also be interested in the awesome tapping program by Margaret Lynch called The 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation.  This program transforms the limiting vows we made at each chakra, using tapping.

Learn more here:  http://tinyurl.com/7levelsnatalie

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About the Author

Natalie Hill is a Transformational Coach for women entrepreneurs. She loves empowering women to bust through their blocks so they can be who they were born to be. Contact Natalie at Google+

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Robert VanHubbard November 6, 2011 at 4:12 pm

Natalie I look forward to the experiences that you share with us all out here in the computer world I use the examples. And every time some new piece of abundance form’s into my life. may not of been exactly what I was looking for but thats just the fun of realizing just how abundant the universe really is, and accepting that it is just a stepping stone to the bigger picture of the amazing law of attraction. Robert


Sasha November 6, 2011 at 11:20 am

Dearest Natalie
Today I hold you in my heart and my intentions. May all those that that you have touched so deeply, respond by surrounding you with Light and Love and to give wings to your intentions. You are truly an amazing women and I am so thankful that you are in my life -albeit via computer. Continue to let us know how your life is unfolding and allow us to share this journey with you. I invite others to join me in holding you in our hearts ….


Natalie November 6, 2011 at 11:46 am

Sasha, I had no idea that sending this email would result is such love and a feeling of real, deep connection with YOU – and the other amazing, beautiful people who emailed me in response (especially since I got 2 nasty notes about too much chatty emails just yesterday!).

Your beauty and love and intention for me has reached me here, so far from your chilly, wet home in Vancouver.

Receiving it and sending it right back to you too, from the infinite Source,



Sonal November 6, 2011 at 10:58 am

Thanks for this powerful script Natalie. :-) I especially like this line, “What if figuring out how is not my job?”. I usually get so caught up in the figuring out part that things start to seem more difficult than they really are. But I’m learning and slowly getting there.


Natalie November 6, 2011 at 11:37 am

Yes! And I could add, “What if I’ve been stepping out of my human job description and assuming to play God? What if, by thinking I had to know HOW, I was actually getting in the way of amazing, delightful, even-better-than-I’d-dreamed solutions coming my way?”

I think I’ll add that to the script – thanks for the inspiration, Sonal!


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