Tapping for Money Video Course Review

Tapping for Money Video CourseLast week I signed up for Margaret Lynch’s Tapping for Money Video Mini-Course. Here’s my review of her course.

I’d like to be earning more money – who wouldn’t!  So I figured I’d have nothing to lose by doing her mini-course, and I could also learn some course-creation strategies I could use myself.

So I spent time four days in a row, watching her videos and doing the writing and tapping that goes along with the course.

The main questions I had going into the course were these:

Will this course teach me anything, help me transform my money blocks?

Or will it just be fluff – trying to sell me something in the end?

Here’s what was in the course.

Course Contents

Day 1

Two videos.

The first was a five minute introduction to the course.  At first, I wasn’t sure I liked Margaret. Know how a video lets you get a real feel for a person and how your immediate reaction kicks in?  Well, I just wasn’t quite sure I liked and trusted her from this first video.

She talked about the nature of abundance and prosperity, the law of attraction and how the chakras relate to our ability to get inspired, create goals and taking action.

Video Two – 8 minutes.  In this video, she helps you find your blocks to “cold, hard cash,” by writing down the amount of money you made last month.  Then she leads you through a tapping round.

Now, that was a valuable exercise for me. The tapping helped me release a lot of my anxiety around money. I tapped a couple extra rounds on this and felt an immediate shift.

I also noticed that I got over feeling like I might not like Margaret.

Day 2

One 9-minute video.  This one helps you get to the root of your limiting beliefs around money.  That one was really helpful for me too.

I noticed I really liked Margaret now!  Interesting shift.

Day 3

I was enjoying this course so much and feeling such positive shifts around my attitude toward money, that I was starting to worry that the videos would end soon.  I wanted it to be a maxi-video course!

One 8-minute video.  Introduced the second chakra and how deserving you feel about receiving money.

I knew I had this issue, but somehow the words Margaret was using here didn’t quite hit it for me.  I did some of my own tapping after watching the video, to get at my own deserving issues.

At this point, I was liking the course so much, I actually went back and re-watched all the previous videos.  I tapped again on the previous issues and felt even more shifts.

Day 4

Last training video.  8 minutes. The topic is your willingness to take action on your business goals.

She does some resistance tapping in this one – I loved that.

I was beginning to imagine myself expanding my business in ways I’d never dreamed of before.  I could really see some change.

Plus, I got two new phone clients in those four days.  Talk about instant proof of my inner shift!

Day 5

3 minute video recapping the previous videos and recommending her weekly class.  This course is a 6-month teleclass on tapping for money.

The teleclass is previously recorded, so you get to hear what already happened and tap along with the group.

Things I Appreciated About the Program

1. It really worked for me!  I felt shifts happening during the course, got two new phone clients and feel a continuing sense of greater confidence and worthiness.  Getting things done for my business has been easier than ever before.

2.  I like the easy and quick way she presented tapping for beginners.

3.  Great role model for making a short, transformative video course.

4.  You can try out her Tapping for Money teleclass for only $1 a week for the first two weeks.  I like that I’d be able to listen to two classes, for only a dollar each, before I decide to invest $37/month.

5.  Just doing her short course helped me feel worthy of a higher income and definitely showed me that I’d easily increase my income by more than the $37/month that it would cost (I already did!).

Things I Didn’t Much Like About the Program

1.  I wanted it to be longer!

2.  I would have liked homework, so I could make even more progress between sessions (over-achiever syndrome?)

3. I didn’t think the enthusiastic, personable Margaret came through in the first video.

4.  I really wanted to like the course she was offering at the end of the course.  But I found myself disappointed that the course was a previously recorded telecourse.  I wanted to be part of a live telecourse!

That said, I doubt it would make much difference for me whether the program was live or not, as I’d probably be listening to the recordings of all the classes anyway, as I usually do with any teleclass.

Who is this Tapping for Money Course NOT For

If you have all the money you could ever want, this course is not for you.

If you are not inclined to any self-employed or entrepreneurial ways of earning money, this course is probably not for you.

If you are an employee with no money-making activities outside that, and you don’t have any desire to change that – I’d avoid this course.

Who is this Tapping for Money Course for?

This course is for you if you have your own business – whether you have hundreds of employees, or just one – you.

If you work for yourself.  If you are an entrepreneur.

Even if you are an employee, if you have any type of money-making activities on the side, or if you’d like to start them.

If you dream of working for yourself or starting your own business.

If you’d like to increase your income, and in the process feel better about yourself, check out the Tapping for Money Mini Video Course.  All together it adds up to about an hour of your time that could make a big difference in how much you can earn.


p.s. If you do the mini course, or if you sign up for the teleclass, I’d love to see your comments.  Add them below!

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