Thoughts, Feelings and the Law of Attraction

EFT and the Law of AttractionLaw of Attraction How To #1

The Law of Attraction Basics

In this first article in the Law of Attraction How To series of articles, we’ll get an overview:

- the definition of the Law of Attraction,

- how the Law of Attraction works

- methods for activating the Law of Attraction in your favor

- what’s happening when your best Law of Attraction (LOA) efforts don’t work

I’m publishing this series of articles to coincide with the release of the phenomenal Mind Movies 2.1.

First, let’s look at the meaning of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction Defined

The Law of Attraction is defined as “like attracts like,” or “that which is like unto itself is drawn.”

What does this mean?

The Law of Attraction says that…

all your thoughts,

all your mental images, and

all your emotions related to your thoughts,

are attracting your new reality.

In other words, everything you have in your life – now – has been attracted to you through your mind.

Basically it means that if you are feeling good…

…more good stuff is being attracted to you.

Abraham-Hicks says, “the better it gets, the better it gets.”

And if you’re feeling bad, more bad stuff will be drawn to you.

Accidents, drama, problems, pain are the result of negative thinking.

You Get What You Think About

Ok, this seems simple (if daunting).

Change your thoughts and your life will change.

Books, programs and movies have been created teaching you ways to do this.

These activities fall into four basic categories:

1. Appreciation and gratitude

2. Visualization of your positive future

3. Improving your emotional state

4. Training the mind to be more positive

In a future article in this series, I’ll provide you with examples of each of the four types of LOA activities, and how to supercharge them with EFT.

When Positive Thinking Alone Doesn’t Work

Have you had the personal experience that changing your thoughts brings about great changes in your life?

I have…

…but for me, the changes were short lived (before I discovered what I’m going to teach you in this series of articles).

And for a long time I wondered why my intentional positive thinking wasn’t changing my life.

As I became more aware of my thoughts, I wondered why so many of my thoughts were negative.

Why couldn’t I maintain the habit of positive thinking for more than a few days or a week, tops?  I was baffled by all of this.

In fact, I used my inability to remain positive as more evidence that something was wrong with me…

…adding to the weight of my negative baggage of limiting beliefs.

Then I realized what was going on.

It has to do with the conscious and unconscious mind.

I’ll go into that a lot more in a later article in this series, but for now, just a little about the two parts of our mind.

Iceberg and the Law of AttractionOur Mental Iceberg

Our conscious mind makes up between 2 and 5% of our thoughts.

That leaves 95 – 98% up to our unconscious.

Clearly, with this information, you realize that our unconscious mind is actually running the show.

So if, like me, you’ve been frustrated with your results using Law of Attraction practices, you’ve now got a hint at the reason.

Your conscious mind may be clear on wanting love, health, joy, success and wealth.

But your much more powerful unconscious is blocking your conscious desires.

In a later article, we’ll explore this further and I’ll give you practices that can get your unconscious mind in alignment with your conscious mind.  For now…

…let’s get back to the Law of Attraction.

How to Tell Where Your Focus Is

This is actually pretty easy, even if you can’t keep track of the 70,000 thoughts you have in a day.

Who could!

You can tell whether you’re in the process of attracting good stuff in your life or bad by this very simple rule…

Good things feel good.  Bad things feel bad.

You Get What You Think About, Whether You Want It Or Not

When you see what you’re getting, you’ll know what you’ve been thinking about.

You draw toward you the essence of what you’ve been thinking about.

May I Have Your Order, Please?

Thinking is like placing an order in a restaurant.

When you are appreciating the things in your life, you are placing your order for more things to appreciate.

When you are worrying or complaining or being critical of things, you are placing your order for more things to worry, complain or be critical about.

Thinking = Planning You can think of your thoughts as plans.

With that knowledge, thoughts can become much more important to you.

When you find yourself imagining something, you can ask yourself…

“Is this something I want more of in my life?”

Thinking = Vibrating Everything in the universe is energetic and vibrational.

Each thought puts off a vibration.

When you think about something, you vibrate like what you’re thinking about.

The more you vibrate like it (the more you think about it), the more things like it (events, people, objects, circumstances) are attracted to you. 

“You Cannot Get Rich When You Feel Poor”

Carol Look said that in her Energy of Money CD.

It may seem like an impossible challenge, to feel rich, when you’re in debt or not earning enough to support yourself.

I know it was nearly impossible for me, when I was in the state of not making enough money to pay my bills.

But if you’re in the state of worrying about your lack of money, you’re planning for more lack of money.

The same holds true when you feel jealous or resent others with wealth.

Your feelings of jealousy and resentment are attracting more opportunities for resentment and jealousy in your life.

Abraham states that your desires and your beliefs must be a vibrational match in order for you to receive that which you desire.

I see it as an inner conflict that has you pushing and pulling at the same time, thereby canceling out any result.

In case you are a little dubious about whether thoughts and the Law of Attraction can work for you, or if you’ve been burned, like I was, by failed LOA efforts, I’ve created a tapping script to help let go of those limitations.

Frustration and the Law of Attraction Tapping Script

MInd Movies 2.1, Karate Chop PointSet Up (Karate Chop Point)

Even though I’m frustrated with Law of Attraction stuff, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I’m not sure I believe in the Law of Attraction any more, I accept myself.

Even though I’ve gotten excited before, and I’ve tried a bunch of visualizing and positive thinking things, and I don’t want to get disappointed again, I accept myself just the way I am.

Tapping Through the Points

Frustrated with LOA stuff

Not sure I believe it any more

Tried a bunch of things

They didn’t work

I hate to get my hopes up again

Maybe visualizing just doesn’t work for me.

Maybe positive thinking doesn’t work for me.

Maybe I’m a really tough case

Maybe the LOA is a hoax

This frustration

Let down too many times

Got my hopes up too many times

Don’t like being disappointed

Don’t like getting all excited and optimistic for nothing

Rather just stay where I am

My life is not so bad

Not great, but not so bad

So I’m small.  So I’m not shining.

I’m ok where I am.

Better to stay safe and small than to get disappointed again


What if there was a piece I was missing before?

What if the Law of Attraction folks didn’t talk about clearing negative emotions and limiting beliefs?

What if they didn’t have any good methods of doing that?

What if they don’t suggest EFT because they don’t know about it?

But I know about EFT.

I actually have a good method of clearing my blocks.

I know how to clear limiting beliefs.

I know how to clear negative emotions.

Maybe I’ll just do a little test.

What if I could be willing to give it another try, with the tool of EFT?

Because I really would like a better life.

I know there are changes I’d like to make.

I know I’m more than this small self.

I’d like to be open to giving the Law of Attraction another try.

Take a deep breath.

Stay tuned for the next four articles in this EFT and the Law of Attraction series.


p.s. In the next article, Law of Attraction How To #2 – How to Visualize, we look more closely at the reasons Law of Attraction activities like visualization don’t always work – and what you can do to change that.  See also the EFT script to clear your negative thinking before visualizing.

p.p.s. Your own personalized Mind Movie is an excellent way to help you visualize your dreams.  Be sure to tap before watching your movie!


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