Words of Gratitude and Thanks

Amazing Power of Gratitude – Silent Thanks

This beautiful video will help you feel your own words of gratitude and thanks.  Watch and reignite that flame of gratitude in your heart.


This gratitude video is just over 6 minutes long, which can seem like an eternity – but I ask you to watch the first minute.

If it doesn’t hook you by that point, feel free to move on.

It’s so easy for us to take for granted all the awesome gifts we have in every moment of our lives – regardless of our current circumstances.  Even in our darkest moments, life still flourishes around us, with beauty, majesty and miracles.

Being more aware of the miracles of life can change your focus – from what’s missing to what’s magnificent. And that change of focus can change everything.

Just look around right now.  What words of gratitude can you give?

Take a moment and share one simple thing you’re grateful for, in the comments below.

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