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EFT Tapping Therapy: The Need to Be Perfect

In this next installment in the series of YouTube EFT videos, EFT Master Carol Look works with Bernadette.  Bernadette has been carrying a sense of profound hurt and rejection since childhood.

The scene they use EFT tapping on is when Bernadette spilled flour when baking cookies with her mother.  Her mother threw her hands up in disgust and gave Bernadette one of many looks of disgust, Bernadette remembers from her childhood.

The result of feeling disgusting all those years?

Bernadette seldom cooks.  And she tries hard not to spill anything when she does.

I think you’ll enjoy watching Bernadette’s transformation after just a few minutes of EFT tapping.

Suggestion:  Tune into your own sense of being shunned, hurt or rejected as a child.  Remember who did it, when and what happened.

Then tap along with the video.  In EFT tapping lingo, what you’re doing is Borrowing Benefits.

Let us know if you have any shifts when you tap along with this video.


Natalie Hill

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