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cop patrolling for belief change

Cop patrolling for evidence of belief change

How to Change Beliefs – Part 4 of the SWAP method using EFT

Now you’ve learned the first three parts of the belief change system called SWAP.  The acronym stands for Sleuth, Warp, Alternative, Patrol.

You’ve learned to Sleuth out your negative or limiting beliefs.

You’ve learned a clever and quick way to Warp those beliefs, so you don’t believe them so much any more.

You’ve implemented the way to implant Alternative beliefs, of your choosing, into your belief system.

Now, I’ll teach you how to Patrol, to watch for evidence your new beliefs have taken root, or for evidence that more SWAPping needs to be done.

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Here are the ways to gather evidence that your belief SWAP work worked:

1.  Emotions:  What emotions do you FEEL when you think your new belief?  How do you feel when things happen that would have triggered an emotional response before?

2.  Body:  What sensations do you notice in your body when you think your new belief?  When happens in your body when former triggers happen?

3. Speech:  What do you hear yourself saying related to the beliefs in question?

4.  Actions:  How do you notice yourself acting related to the beliefs in question?

Let’s take a closer look at each of these four areas.


Your emotional response is one of the easiest and most obvious to observe (at least for me!).

Probably, your emotions around the old belief were your main indicator that something wasn’t working.  Your upsetting emotions made you want to change the belief in the first place.

How can you observe your emotional response?

You can get all scientific and write down your old belief and some things that previously triggered upsets.  Then notice what emotions you feel with similar triggers.

Or, you can do what I do.  Just be on the lookout for upsetting emotions.

When you feel one, look for the belief that triggered the emotion (This is the beginning of Freedom – realizing that it’s not what other do or say, it’s not the circumstances in your life that make you upset.  It’s your own beliefs, expectations, unresolved trauma.  It’s what’s inside YOU that causes your reactions and your upsets)

And when you feel upset, just do more SWAP work.

Since the Warp process can be done in 60 to 90 seconds, including fishing around for the belief, this work is super quick.

So, if you feel your emotions strongly, like me, let your emotions be your guide. When you feel upset, look for the source in the form of a belief.

Warp the belief so you begin to see other possibilities and don’t hold the former belief so strongly.

This work is quick.  

The more you do it, the easier, more happy your life wil become.  And you’ll experience less of the things that get in your way of happiness and ease.


Emotions are actually felt in the body.  The physical sensations are your messages that you’re having an emotion.

Other sensations include any kind of pain, compression, pressure, tightness.

Consider these as messages from the body.

In a quiet state, you can think a belief and notice the physical response.  This physical test can be used on beliefs you judge to be “negative” or “positive.”

Let’s say you are working on substituting the belief “I am a good person,” for your old belief, “I’m no good.”

Sit quietly and tune into your body.  Say aloud, or silently, “I am a good person.”  Notice what happens.  If your mind body system doesn’t agree with that statement, you’ll feel something.

It could be compression, tightness, pressure, faster heart beat – something.  These are all indications of an emotional charge to the statement.

Try the other statement, “I’m no good.”  Again, watch for an internal reaction.

You are using your body like a lie detector.  If an uplifting statement is true for you, you’ll either feel no response, or you’ll feel a release of restriction, a lighter feeling.


For the speech test, notice the things you say, as they relate to your new belief.  If you hear yourself supporting the old belief, you know you still have work to do.

If you’re hearing a new story, a more empowered one – you know you’ve made a positive change.


Here’s an easy and beneficial way to observe your actions, to see if they are responding to your belief change work.

At the end of each day, before going to sleep, take a brief look back over your day.

Look for 3 things you feel good about or proud of.  Look for ways you are living the way you want to live. Recall each one and mentally say to yourself something like, “You are doing such a great job!  Nice growth.  I approve of you!”

I do this last thing as I’m dropping off to sleep.  It has the added benefit of helping you sleep better, since you are ending your conscious day on a loving, approving note, which follow your unconscious into sleep.

Here’s an example of how I used this whole technique recently regarding an incident I had with the man I rented a room from.

Personal Example of Using the SWAP Process to Change Beliefs

He told me he’d set an appointment for someone to come see my room at 3:00.  (I was moving out.)

His simple announcement triggered anger and resentment in me, and a feeling of not being respected or considered (I work with private clients via phone and he didn’t ask me in advance if it would be a good time to show my room.)

I was so upset by this, that I knew what was being triggered was actually a much larger, earlier issue.

But, using tapping on the beliefs of the current event can have a far-reaching healing effect, going way back to childhood.

I asked myself what belief was under my anger, resentment and sense of not being respected.  I came up with:  Marshall (not his real name) doesn’t care about me.

I did the belief flip method on that belief and looked inside again.  I noticed another belief . . . and another.  I kept flipping beliefs all while taking a walk.

Here are the beliefs I flipped (or something very close).

Marshall never considers my needs.

I’m not important.

I’m not worthy of respect.

To feel safe, I need my needs to be considered.

(I may have changed the wording of some a little to make them easier to flip – that’s perfectly ok to do.)

After tapping each belief, I could feel a reduction in emotional intensity and a slight shift to a new frame of mind.

I didn’t even do the Alternative step of tapping in a new empowering frame of mind.

By the time I got back from my walk, I felt a strong need to say something to him, but I felt gentle about it, a sense of ease.

I simply stopped by his desk and said that it might be more convenient for him if he checked with me before setting an appointment to show my room.  That way if I have a client, he won’t be inconvenienced by having to wait for me.

I felt calm and friendly toward him as I spoke.  I saw him as innocent instead of threatening, which he’d seemed to me just one hour before.

He said he’d forgotten that I asked him to do that, and would in the future.  It was a friendly and easy exchange – totally different from what it would have been had I spoken to him when I felt angry, resentful and scared.

SWAP tapping works for Belief Change on many levels.

1.  You’ll recognize an emotional upset that was triggered by your limiting beliefs

2. You warp the beliefs so they no longer caused you distress regarding the situation or incident (or your distress will be reduced).  This will also mean that you’ll be less likely to be triggered by similar events in the future.

3. Your actions are more likely to create peace and understanding – and showed evidence that you’ve made an internal shift.

The SWAP process is an extremely powerful method for detecting and transforming the beliefs that cause you to feel upset, scared, angry, guilty, ashamed or resentful.

I find the process quicker to make change than the full EFT process and often, even more powerful.

I’d love to hear YOUR experiences with the process of belief change.  Share them in the comments.




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