What It Takes to Go From Bogged Down and Blocked to Bodacious and Brilliant?

It’s easy to be bogged down and blocked.

Everyone gets in that state from time to time.

Would you rather listen to this article and tapping script?


I know I have spent hours, days, weeks and months and even years in that state at different points in my life.

But, it’s not a state that I, or I think anyone, likes to be in.

I wanted to give you a tapping script and one big tip to help you get from bogged down and blocked to bodacious and brilliant.

When we’re bogged down and blocked, we’re stuck and not moving.  It can be a place of indecision and no movement.

The one thing that is sure to get you into your bodacious, brilliant self is to commit to something big.

Making a Commitment

When you make a commitment, you decide to go for something that’s big, that’s outside your comfort zone.

It is something that requires you to be someone other than the inadequate, incapable, unworthy, small and scared person that you’ve been believing you were when you were blocked.

I’m not talking about making a commitment that’s so huge, that it’s pretty far outside of the possibility of something that you can accomplish.

But something that is a leap, something that you want.

Let’s do a tapping script based on the process of making a new commitment.

This tapping script asks questions that the conscious, analytical mind cannot answer, and stimulates your much more brilliant intuitive mind.

New to Tapping?

If you’re new to Tapping, go here for a Tapping Intro.  EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques – often called just Tapping – is a method that includes:

  • stimulating energy meridian points (the same qi meridians used in acupuncture) by tapping lightly with your fingertips
  • while putting your attention on the thoughts and emotions related to your “issue”

The result of Tapping?  Thoughts and feelings can change rapidly.  You can let go of whatever was bothering you quickly.  You can feel energized, happier, in a better mood and more able to deal with life in a resourceful, creative manner.

So let’s start with what I call Dumping.


Eyebrow: I’m too scared.EFT Tapping Points

Side of the eye: I’m stuck.

Under the eye: I need to stay stuck.

Under the nose: Because it’s not safe to let go of this fear.

Chin: It might be painful.

Collarbone: But it’s familiar.

Under the arm: It’s the agony I know.

Top of the head: I can’t change.

Eyebrow: I can’t commit.

Side of the eye: Except to staying the inadequate, incapable, unworthy, small, scared person that I’ve been.

Under the eye: I hate it here but I choose to stay stuck.

Top of the head: I’m staying stuck.

Take a nice, easy belly breath and release it with a sigh. Do 2 more of the same, with a slight smile.  (All this tells the body you are safe.)

What if . . . ?

Eyebrow: What if I get energized when I commit?

Side of the eye: What if I can stay safe . . . and step out?

Under the eye: What if I don’t care whether I’m safe or not?

Under the nose: What if it’s feeling less and less safe to stay stuck all the time?

Chin: What if I owe it to myself to step up, step out, speak out and be seen?

Collarbone: What if I have something to give that must be given?

Under the arm: What if I want to be bigger than I’m letting myself be?

Top of the head: What if by committing, I’ll get an influx of energy that propels me forward?

Eyebrow: What if everybody who’s ever succeeded at anything had doubts and fears too?

Side of the eye: What if failing is actually not the worst fear?

Under the eye: What if staying stuck like this is the worst?

Top of the head: What if I’m ready for something different?

Belly breath, exhale with a sigh and a smile.  Do three of these. 

What Will It Take . . . ?

Eyebrow: What will it take for me to commit to what I want to do?

Side of the eye: What will it take for me to step out, be seen, speak out, comfortable or not?

Under the eye: What will it take for me to have the courage to be me?

Under the nose: What will it take to commit?

Chin: What will it take to stay on a roll?

Collarbone: What will it take to be comfortable being seen?

Under the arm: What will it take to be ok with speaking out?

Top of the head: What will it take to be comfortable being visible?

Eyebrow: What will it take to succeed?

Top of the head: What will it feel like when I’m beyond all the stuck-ness and looking back from a place of success and pride?

Belly breath, exhale with a sigh and a smile.  Do three of these.

Question for You:  What are you ready to commit to? 

Type your answer below, in the comments.  Your commitment will inspire commitment in others – creating a positive ripple affect, out and out and out.



Natalie Hill

P.S. Are you an EFT practitioner, coach or other type of entrepreneur?

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