Building High Self Esteem

Building Confidence and Self Esteem

If your goal is building high self esteem, one of the most easy, efficient and effective techniques to use is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping.

This simple technique connects your conscious to your unconscious, your mind to your body for a whole body, whole mind transformation.

If you’re new to tapping and want a tapping overview, here are articles, diagrams and videos giving you the basics of how to tap. Then return to this page to begin overcoming low self esteem.

And now, let’s get tapping!

For this Tapping script, I use my signature Growing Up Method.

Want to become an expert tapper?  Learn more about how you can Make EFT Work Every Time.

Important note:  The self esteem affirmations in the Deciding phase are made MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE because of two reasons:

1. You’ve first faced your fears and doubts in the Dumping and Dreaming phases.

2. You are tapping while affirming, thus moving the energy while connecting mind and body.  This is a powerful way to combine Tapping with Affirmations.

Building High Self Esteem EFT Script

Set Up

Start by tapping continuously on the Karate Chop point, while repeating the following three phrases.


Even though I don’t feel worthy of good things, of success, love, money, happiness or health, I would like to love and accept myself anyway. 

Even though I just don’t feel good enough, I’d like to honor that that’s just where I am right now. 

Even though I feel insecure, inadequate, defective even, I accept myself just the way I am. 


Tap through the points while repeating the following phrases. Tap one phrase at each point, tapping gently as long as it takes to make the statement.

EFT Tapping Points EFT Tapping Points

I’m not worthy
I’m not good enough
I’m inadequate
I’m defective
I was told that many times
Sometimes with words
Sometimes with just a look
This makes me insecure
Afraid to explore or express who I really am
Makes me live way smaller than I think I was born to be
I feel stifled
Walled up
I’m hiding from my true, brilliant self
I’m hiding this even from me

Take a Deep Breath


Even though there’s still a part of me holding onto my crummy low self esteem for dear life, there’s another part that’s peeking out, feeling a little daring, and I want to encourage that part.

Even though I still can’t quite imagine who I’d be if I felt confident and worthy and whole, what if this healing could unfold with ease?

Even though it still doesn’t feel safe to let go of the protection low self esteem has given me, what if I could feel safe AND confident in my unique brilliance?


What if I could take safe baby steps into confidence?
What if I could allow my wholeness to unfold with ease? 
What if I could feel safe AND confident?
What if I have all the tools I need to feel worthy, lovable, whole, good?
What if it would actually feel much better and safer to have healthy self esteem?
What if I could be willing to allow a gradual unfolding into confidence?
What if I could relax, and allow myself to feel safe?
What if I could recognize that new, confident me as who I really am, who I was born to be?

Take a deep breath.


Even though there’s still a tiny part of me holding on to insecurity, there’s a much bigger part ready to claim my worthiness. 
Even though I can still imagine continuing to hide out, to make excuses, I choose to take responsibility for MY LIFE. 
Even though part of me is still clinging to that safe twig of low self esteem, a much larger part of me knows I am  whole, worthy and good. 


Yikes, I can’t do this!
I’ve got to keep hiding in the protection of low self esteem
It’s a great and safe escuse
NO, I don’t want an excuse any more. 
I’m ready to be ME
I’m ready to be free
I choose to know I’m whole, worthy, plenty good enough. 
I choose to claim my unique brilliance
I choose a life of discovery and growth – allowing and creating my true self. 
I choose confidence, even when I feel a little insecure. 
I am enough. 
I am good. 
I am worthy. 
Thank you 
Thank you
Thank you

You’ll be helping everyone if you tap this building high self esteem tapping script, then come back and share your reactions in the comments below – how it changed things for you.

As always, Keep Tapping . . . It Works!

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