Change a Belief: Select Your Alternative Part 2

Alternatives in gourdsAlternative Part 2

This is the third part in a series about swapping limiting beliefs for beliefs that empower, enliven and support your wholeness, joy, confidence and power.

The photo represents the huge variety of beliefs we all have to choose from. This EFT/NLP process gives you the power to choose.

If you landed here, without reading the first three parts of the SWAP method, here’s where you can go to catch up.

Overview of the SWAP process.

S for Sleuth:  How to Sleuth out the beliefs that are holding you back.

W for Warp:  How to Warp your beliefs using the Belief Swap method.

A for Alternative:  Implanting a new, empowering alternative belief, Part 1.

P for Patrol: That’s coming next.

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And the fun continues with Part 2 of the Alternatives process, in which we tap in a new Power Memory,  This completes the process of SWAPping your old, limiting belief with a new empowering one.

Here are the three parts of the Alternatives process:

Step One:  Determine your desired belief

Step Two:  Find a Power Memory

Step Three: Tap in the new belief

We covered how to do Steps One and Two in Alternatives, Part 1.  In this post, I’ll teach you the third step – how to tap in a new belief.

We’re going to use my Growing Up Method for this part.

In a nutshell, here’s how we’ll tap.

Round 1 – Dumping

Tap stating your old, limiting belief.  State the belief and any thoughts and emotions about it.

Round 2 – Dreaming

Ease in the possibility of your new belief.  You’ll start your tapping with phrases like “What if . . .” “Wouldn’t it be nice if  . . .” and “Just maybe . . .”

Round 3 – Deciding

You’ll tap in the affirmative statements, “I now choose to believe . . .”  or “I’ve decided that I now believe I . . .”

Alternative Tapping Example

What follows is an example tapping script using the belief that I’m not competent or respected.  I’m going to use my own Power Memory of the time I organized the neighborhood Pumpkin Carving Contest.

Here are some snippets of the event:  I was in my early 20’s and got the idea for a neighborhood pumpkin carving contests.  I organized my 7-11 year old niece and nephews, to help solicit donations from local businesses (movie tickets, McDonalds coupons, etc.).

I bought pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, created prize ribbons for every imaginable pumpkin, so every kid won a prize.

Here’s what happened:  About 10 kids showed up (all who lived nearby).  No injuries during the carving (whew!). Lots of fun. Smiles all around in the photos taken at the end of the event.  Parents and other adults gave me lots of positive feedback.

This is an example of a great Power Memory that can be used to implant many positive beliefs.


Set Up

Even though I fear I’m incompetent and think nobody respects me, I love and accept myself anyway.

Repeat the same, or variations, three times.


I feel incompetent.

I’m afraid others think of me as incompetent.

I don’t feel respected

I feel incompetent and disrespected.

I’m afraid others don’t expect me to be competent.

Maybe I actually am incompetent.

I’m afraid it’s true that I’m incompetent and not worthy of respect.

And I look for evidence of this everywhere.

Deep breath.

You may find you need to tap several rounds of Dumping before you’re ready to move on to Dreaming.  Tune into your body.  If there’s pain, contraction, pressure, tightness – keep Dumping until you feel that “physical resistance” begin to release. That’s how you know you’re ready for Dreaming.


Set Up

Even though I’m still feeling a little incompetent and not respected, what if I could feel the way I did when I created the Pumpkin Carving Contest – competent and well-respected.

Repeat the same or a variation three times.


What if I could feel the way I did when I organized the Pumpkin Carving Contest?

I felt so confident and competent.

It was clear that everyone respected me.

What if I could remember that feeling and know I am competent and worthy of respect.

Wouldn’t it be great if I could feel the way I did then?

Maybe I could hold that memory of feeling competent and well-respected inside me all the time.

What if I could just remember the way I felt and acted then?

That could really help me now.

Deep breath.


Set Up

Even though I still feel a little incompetent and fear others don’t respect me, I choose to feel the confidence and respect of the Pumpkin Carving Contest. 


I choose to remember how successful I was with the Pumpkin Carving Contest.

I choose to feel the confidence I felt when I organized that contest. 

I choose to remember how competent I was when I set that all up. 

I choose to know that I’ve got that same competence in me now. 

I choose to remember how everyone respected me so much when I organized that contest. 

I choose to feel worthy of that respect now. 

I choose to feel the competence and respect I felt when I organized the Pumpkin Carving Contest . . . 

. . . in my life today. 

Now it’s your turn.

Here are the steps.

1. Make a list of the limiting or negative beliefs you’re feeling about yourself or life.

2. Choose one that feels powerful and representative.

3. Find a Power Memory you’ll use in tapping. This article will give you help finding one.

4. List the thoughts and feelings you have around the limiting belief you’re working on.  Use what you wrote to tap the Dumping round(s).

5. List what you’d like to feel, think and believe instead. Use that list to tap the Dreaming round(s).

6. List what you choose to feel, think and believe.  Use this list to tap the Dreaming round(s).

Then, come on back here and let us all know how it worked.

With my blessings!




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