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Alternative – Part 1

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Which beliefs are you plugged into?

Here’s where we are in the SWAP process.

In previous posts in this series, I taught you how to Sleuth out the beliefs that are holding you back.

These methods let you discover the limiting beliefs that were formed by significant memories and from general indoctrination by your family and culture.

Want to learn these methods so solidly you can change beliefs easily and quickly every day, so you continually move toward that healthier, happier, more prosperous you?

Check out the Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life class.

Next, I taught how to Warp some of your beliefs using the nifty Belief Swap method.

Warping created a sense of mental confusion (that’s good!), so the beliefs that used to be considered absolutely true are now a little shaky.

Now it’s time for Alternatives!

This is the super empowering process of deciding exactly what you’d like to believe and substituting those new alternative beliefs into your conscious and unconscious mind.

In this process, I use Patricia Carrington’s powerful Choices method, particularly the part in which you implant resourceful states or what Patricia calls Power Memories.

Here are the steps in Alternatives:

Step One:  Determine your desired belief

Step Two:  Find a Power Memory

Step Three: Tap in the new belief

In this post, we’ll focus only on the first two parts of Alternatives.  In the next post, I’ll teach you how to tap in your new belief, using the Power Memory.

Determine Your Desired Belief

1.  Ask yourself some questions to determine the more empowering belief system you’d like.  Here are some good questions to ask:

How would I like to feel about this?

What would I like to believe instead?

What would be an enlivening, positive and empowering new belief?

Your answers might be:

I want to feel strong, confident and creative.

I’d like to believe I’m capable, competent, creative and worthy of respect.

Empowering belief:  I am a capable, competent, creative, well-respected woman.

2.  Now you’ll find a Power Memory of your own, or you’ll borrow one from someone you admire.

Finding your own Power Memory

Discover a good one with these questions:

When was a time in my life when I felt the way I want to feel now?

What experience have I had in which I acted out the alternative belief I want?

When did I, even briefly, have the belief I want to have now?

What experience have I had where I faced a similar challenge, and did great?

Example answers:

I remember the time I organized the pumpkin carving contest for my neighborhood.  I was creative when I came up with the idea, competent and confident as I carried out all the logistics and well-respected when the whole thing was a success.

If you have one of your own Power Memories, that’s great.  But if you don’t – it will work just as well – read on to find out how.

Borrowing a Power Memory

This process works equally well when you borrow a Power Memory from another person.

You can borrow this memory or state from a friend or relative, famous person -living or dead, character in a book, tv show or movie, character from a dream of yours, etc.

Here’s how you can find one.  Ask yourself:

Who embodies the belief I want to have?

Who do I remember having the qualities I want to believe I can have?

What person demonstrated this belief in their actions or their life?

Here’s an example of how this might work:

Will Smith’s character in the Pursuit of Happyness continues to find a way to succeed, no matter what obstacle gets in his way.

In Akeela and the Bee, Akeela demonstrates that a will to learn and the willingness to study and practice can create great results.

Steve Jobs demonstrated the ability to envision innovations people would love, hold those visions and inspire a company and a world, even in the face of detractors, disbelievers and his own internal doubts.

No matter where you get your Power Memory – your own memory, from a book or from an example of someone you know or admire, leaders or historical figures  – all work equally well.

That’s enough for this first part of the Alternative step in SWAP.  In the next article, Alternative Part 2, I’ll show you how to tap in your new resource state.

Empowering you to believe the very best in yourself,


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