Learn EFT to Change Limiting Beliefs

Learn EFT tapping and you can change the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck and small.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is one of the more well-known methods in the Energy Psychology field.

Tapping therapy is amazing at transforming limiting beliefs.

One of the more common limiting beliefs people hold is that,

“My family doesn’t approve of me.”

You may be aware that you believe your family doesn’t approve of you…

…or you may carry the belief around just under the surface of your consciousness, not really aware that you hold the belief.

Where do you get that belief?

It can be picked up when you’re an infant, before you have the ability to put thoughts into words.

As a baby, you interpreted the facial expression, tone of voice and emotions of those around you.

Even in the womb, if your mother didn’t want to be pregnant or to have a baby, you could have picked up that belief.

As an infant, when those around you felt upset or angry, you felt their emotions.  When the look on someone’s face was disaproving, you felt that disapproval.

Later, after you learned words, you interpreted their anger, disaproval or scolding as, “I’m bad.  I’m not a good kid. There’s something wrong with me.  I’m not ok.”

For many of us, we were told explicitly that we weren’t approved of.

What disapproving things were you told as a child?

As an adult, we might think, “My family doesn’t approve of me.  I’m inadequate.  I’m defective.”

Beliefs are simply thoughts that are repeated over and over and held to be true.

You can think of a belief as an obsessive thought. Or an unquestioned thought.  We don’t generally question our beliefs; we just assume them to be true.

We often aren’t even aware of our beliefs, as they are so familiar to us.  It’s difficult to question something you aren’t even aware of!

Are beliefs true?

A belief is no more true than another thought.  In actuality thoughts and beliefs are neither true nor false.  They simply are.

But beliefs have great power.

Our beliefs have power because we don’t question them.  We live our lives based on them. They influence our health, happiness and abundance in all areas of our lives.

Most of your beliefs are limiting.

Do you have beliefs about how wealthy you can become?

How about how  long you’ll live?

How about your limits because of your gender, your age, your race, your nationality, your education, your intelligence?

Your beliefs keep you from trying new things, from living as you dream, from making the income you’d love to make, from succeeding in areas you only dare to try.

Changing Beliefs

Changing your beliefs can be challenging, but if you learn EFT tapping, you will gain the power to change them yourself.

First you must discover just what your beliefs are.

Two ways to discover your beliefs are by observing your judgements and by noticing your disturbing emotions.

Under those will be limiting beliefs.

Then you can use the energy psychology process of EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to release limiting beliefs and instill new, more empowering beliefs.

With this EFT Manual you will learn EFT – beginning with the basics.  It will teach you the powerful Tapping Therapy that will enable you to turn your limiting beliefs into empowering ones.

What limiting belief have you noticed you carry around?

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