Changing Beliefs with EFT, Part 2

Changing BeliefsUsing EFT to Clear Limiting Beliefs

Interested in changing beliefs?  EFT tapping is an effective, quick DIY way to go from stuck and scared to confident and invigorated …

…even when you have the I’m Not Good Enough or There’s Something Wrong With Me limiting beliefs running in you.

Here, I’ll tell you the basic method that works so well, and the next post will give you a script you can use and adapt to your specific beliefs.

For more of the backstory, check out this previous post about 25 Limiting Beliefs and How You Got Them.

Here’s the process, in a nutshell:

1. List your upsetting emotions, thoughts and limiting beliefs.

2. Dumping:  Tap your list and anything else that comes to mind (that’s related).

3. Dreaming:  Make a new list of what if statements, moving toward the positive and empowered.  Tap those.

4. Deciding:  Make a new list of empowering deciding and positive choice statements.  Tap those.

This will leave you feeling confident, empowered and energized.

Read on for step by step instructions.

(And, this article on the Growing Up Method will tell you more about the process I suggest.  The Growing Up Method uses EFT to bring you from an immature state of whining and complaining, to that youthful dreaming and imagining state to a wise, mature state of choosing.)

For this method, you’ll want paper and pencil, or a computer to type your thoughts.  You’ll be writing as part of the tapping process.

Step One – Dumping on Paper

Begin by writing down the crummy, limiting, painful thoughts and feelings you are having.  Allow yourself to dump or vent your most immature, petty and scared thoughts.

Write them in list style.  Your list may be a half page, a page or even two pages long.  Just write your complaints and pain until it’s all on paper.

Ask yourself what limiting beliefs you may be thinking about this situation.

Here’s a short example.

I feel anxious

Don’t know what to do

I’m afraid I’m going to fail

I’m not capable

I’m not good enough

There must be something wrong with me

I hate this feeling

I’m scared

Notice how the above list contains a mix of emotions, thoughts, questions and limiting beliefs. List all the ways your feeling bad.

Step Two – Tapping the Dumping Rounds

Now, using EFT, tap the words of the list you wrote down.  Feel free to add whatever occurs to you while tapping.

Use your list as a jumping off point, not a script you cannot change.

Choose some words in your list for your three set-up phrases. (See the EFT Manual for more detailed instruction on how to do EFT)

Your set up could begin…

Even though I believe there’s something wrong with me, I accept myself anyway.

Then tap through your list.  Use one phrase on each of the tapping points. Add new thoughts as they come up (no need to write them, just tap the thoughts).

Dumping your worst fears and feeling the upsetting emotions as you tap will lessen the fight or flight response around your current state.  Usually tapping through your list once will get you to a much better feeling place.

Still feeling a lot of fear or anxiety? Notice if something else has come up for you, add that to your Dumping list and tap through the list again.

Step Three:  Dreaming On Paper

Now ask yourself, what do I want to feel?  What do I want to think and believe about life, about myself?

This time, preface your list with the words, “What if…” or “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”

Again, make a list.  Your list might go something like this…

What if I could feel calm?

What if I could be confident of my skills?

What if I could see failure as valuable feedback…

…And remember that the greatest successes failed hundreds of times?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could know I’m plenty good enough?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could relax and know that I’m doing my best,

…And my best is good enough?

Step Three:  Tapping the Dreaming Rounds

Now you’re ready to tap the Dreaming statements you wrote.

Begin a new Set Up and use the words from your Dreaming list to create  Set Up statements.

Here’s one example:

Even though part of me is still afraid I’m not good enough, what if I could see myself as plenty good enough?

Make three Set Up statements from your list, then tap your list around the points, adding anything new that comes to mind.

Tap these Dreaming rounds until you feel noticeably better, then move on to Deciding.

Step Four:  Deciding on Paper

Now, if you’re like me when using this process, you are now feeling full of positive energy and enthusiasm.  But keep tapping through the Deciding round and you’ll feel even better – and you’ll bring about greater clearing of the limiting beliefs.

Ask yourself, what am I ready to decide to think, believe and feel?  What do I choose?

A short sample of your list might look something like this.

I choose to be calm.

I choose to be relaxed and confident.

I’ve decided I am good enough.

I’ve decided to go forward with my dreams, no matter what.

I choose to accept myself just the way I am.

Tap that list – tuning in and adding anything else that comes up for you.

That’s the process!

That’s the process of changing beliefs by tapping.   While the release of your limiting beliefs may be instantaneous (wonderful!), it may also take quite a bit of perseverance to transform something like “I’m not good enough,” to “I’m fabulous!”

But the results are SO worth it.

Here’s your challenge.  Take one of your more detrimental limiting beliefs.  One that you know messes you up over and over.

Decide to tap on it for seven days in a row.  Before you start, list all they ways it’s showing up in your life and causing you to be small, upset, isolated, guarded.

Then do your seven days of tapping – I suggest morning, before you get swept up in your day.

Because making a public commitment can be so valuable, here are your action steps.

Take Action Now

Want to make changing beliefs easy?  Make a public commitment!

Put what you’ve learned into practice by answering the questions below – and put your answers in the comments.

1.  Choose a limiting belief you want to change.

2.  In the comments below, commit to use the method I just taught for the next seven days.

3.  Return to these comments after your seven days and tell us what differences you’ve noticed (in your moods, attitude, behavior, experience).

Because I like to practice what I preach, I’ll start the comments off with my own 7 Day commitment.



p.s. If you’d like help changing beliefs and want to get to the root of your limiting beliefs by transforming some of those early events, I’d like to help!

Set up a free 20 minute chat with me on my Tungle calendar (very cool – it adjusts for our time zones and lets you pick three times out of my open slots – then I pick the best time for me. Works great!)


photo by kevindooley

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