Changing Beliefs with EFT, Part 1

Changing BeliefsUsing EFT for Changing Limiting Beliefs

First off – changing beliefs is possible and relatively easy to do.

People change their beliefs all the time!

It may seem impossible, from the perspective of being stuck in the limiting belief . . .

. . . but bookstores are crammed with success stories of people who have gone from sick, destitute, unhappy and hopeless to happy, healthy, rich and inspiring.

Whenever you want to do something, but feel fear, doubt, resistance or inhibition – you can be sure that limiting beliefs are in your way.

See a list of common limiting beliefs in my previous article 25 Limting Beliefs and How You Got Them.

You may not realize a false limiting belief is in your way – because the negative emotion you feel is so strong that it keeps you from recognizing the thoughts that stimulated the belief.  Or the upsetting emotions may be so constant, that there doesn’t seem to be any starting point.

One of the most common beliefs, that keeps people from shining and from expressing their brilliance is the belief that “I’m not good enough,” or its cousin, “There’s something wrong with me.”

I’m not good enough has many variations.  Here are some:

I’m not good enough.

I’m inadequate.

I’m not as good as _______.

I’m not capable enough.

I’m not smart enough.

I’m not pretty enough.

I’m not young enough.

I’m not _____ (fill in the blank) enough.

You may have your own special wording to the I’m not good enough belief.

There’s something wrong with me also has variations…

There’s something wrong with me.

I’m defective.

I’m broken.

I’m more f*ed up than other people.

If people really knew me, they’d discover what I’m really like – and it’s bad.

I’m a bad person.

Deep down, I’m bad.

I’m not sure why we people are so predisposed to create limiting beliefs.  I suppose it’s a survival factor – designed to keep us safe from danger in a world of life-threatening animals, poisonous plants and warring tribes.

The problem is that most of us don’t live in that world any more.  Our challenge is to discover and express our brilliance.  To become whole and fabulous.

And in order to do that, we must have effective methods of changing beliefs from the keep-me-safe-at-all-costs type to the empowering, I’m fabulous type.

EFT to the Rescue

There are two different, basic EFT methods for resolving limiting beliefs.

Method One:  Tap on the Beliefs

One method is to tap directly on the limiting belief statements, as I show you below.

By tapping on the beliefst, you are reducing the fight or flight response surrounding those beliefs.  You are reducing your charge  and your feelings of stress around those thoughts and loosening your alignment to them.

Each time you tap, you become less congruent with the belief.  You believe it less!

That means you quit looking for evidence that it’s true.  And you quit manipulating people and events to make your belief come true.

Instead you start looking for evidence that you new, empowering belief is true.

Method Two:  Tap on the Originating Event

The second method is to do EFT (or Matrix Reimprinting with EFT) on the original life events that taught you those limiting beliefs.

This work is very helpful to do with a practitioner (I do this work with clients – and I’m happy to offer you a 20 minute chat to see if we’re a fit to work together).

That said, if the event is not traumatic (traumas are anything that made you feel powerless and as if your life was in danger – abuse, horror, injury, danger, violence), you can often successfully do this work on your own.

Work with a skilled practitioner to resolve and clear traumatic events.  Clearing those events is like giving yourself a root canal. It’s not safe to do that deep work alone.

How to Tap to Clear Limiting Beliefs

Jump to the next post – Changing Beliefs with EFT, Part 2 – for instructions about how you can structure tapping sessions to change those long-held limting beliefs.

I’ve taken up my own challenge of tapping on a limiting belief for seven days.  That may well be too short a time to transform something I’ve been practicing for quite a few decades, but today, on Day 4, I’m already feeling some shifts.

Today, when I tapped on the “I’m not good enough, I’m not as good as they are” beliefs, I saw them as stories.

And I decided that this weekend, I’m going to play a new “role.”  That means I’ll be trying on an new story.

That wouldn’t have likely occurred to me before tapping on this, when I was more firmly locked inside the old story.

What steps are YOU willing to take?

Take Action – Small Change

In the comments below, answer the following two questions – make a commitment to tap to change one of your own limiting beliefs.

I suggest you start by taking one belief and tapping on it for 7 days in a row.  If you do it with focus – I can just about guarantee you’ll see change.

See the next article in this series: Changing Beliefs with EFT, Part 2 for specific instructions.

1.  What belief has limited you most in your life?j

2.  What would be a good time of your day to take 10 minutes to tap on it?

3.  When are you committing to start?

All my best,


p.s. Want help changing beliefs?  Working with a coach can make huge difference in how quickly and easily you make those changes.

Tungle me for a FREE 20 minute chat to discuss what you want to change and to see if we might be a fit for helping that change happen.

(Tungle is a free online calendar – you see times when I’m available and pick those that work for you. It automatically calculates our time zones.  Very nifty)

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