Creating Your List of Beliefs


Write your list of beliefs

Write your list of beliefs


Changing Core Beliefs – More Sleuthing

There are soooo many ways you can discover your beliefs.  And like many things relating to self-discovery, it’s easier to see beliefs in others than it is to see them in yourself.

I suggest you start by reading about what are core beliefs, then moving to  how to discover your negative core beliefs by looking at your significant memories and goal blockers.

If you really want to go deep in changing your life by changing your beliefs, consider taking my Belief Change classChange Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

This article is actually an adjunct to that one.  I had too many ways to discover your core beliefs, so I split them into two – so you, dear reader, wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

And, in case you WANT to be overwhelmed – before you even get started creating your list of beliefs, you may want to begin by using tapping to release some of that natural inner resistance to change.

You’ll feel much better after you do a little tapping, anyway.

And it will be a gentle intro to EFT, in case you need it.

1.  Aversions and Criticisms

The beliefs underlying our aversions and criticisms are valuable to discover and transform – because these beliefs can make us unhappy.

To discover these, ask yourself questions like:

What am I critical about in others?

What aversions do I have?

What are things, behaviors, types of people I can’t stand?

List these under the Stimulus column.  Leave plenty of space between stimuli, as you’ll have multiple beliefs from each aversion.

Beginning Your List of Beliefs

Here’s an example from my spreadsheet:

Note:  your beliefs will often seem illogical!  Don’t let that stop you from putting them on your list.

Notice that I have a belief that people who are late or early are trying to take advantage of me.

(I was perplexed by how upset I would always get when my clients would either arrive early or late.  Then it hit me.  I was waiting up for my dad the night he died.  He was late, and in fact, he never came home.  No wonder I feel anxious when people aren’t on time!)

But you don’t have to know the origin of a belief to change it.

Here, just think of things that bug you and write the beliefs that stem from that.

2.  Things You Cannot or Must Do

Now, we’ll discover the beliefs that are under your musts and must nots.

Here’s how you can discover some of them.

Are there things you’d like to be, do or have, but believe you can’t?

Your belief will be something like, “I could never. . .” or “I’m too _____ to . . .” or “It’s not possible for me to _____ because . . .”

This is what I wrote, based on the thought that I could never be the boss of a company.

For me, this is one of the results of being the youngest child and how I formed beliefs from my birth order.

Part of my list of beliefs






Again, the beliefs that pop into your head when doing this can seem ridiculous.  Hey, I’m in my 50’s and still feel “little” and “young.”

To get the most from this exercise, set your logical mind aside and allow your beliefs to surface from your unconscious.  When they do, write them down, without analyzing or rejecting them.

OK!  Now you’ve got two more ways to create your list of beliefs (the first two ways are here, in How to Discover your Negative Core Beliefs).

Hope you’re enjoying Sleuthing!  Stay tuned for more articles on the W of the SWAP method for changing beliefs.  W stands for Warp – and that’s where the change begins!


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