EFT Script for Feeling Not Good Enough

Tapping for Feeling Insecure or Inadequate

Here’s the first of what I’m calling Tapping Tuesdays on Facebook.  I’ll provide a tapping script each Tuesday.

I suggest you tap each section of the script as written, then tap another round or two repeating and adapting those statements that are strongest for you.

For more info on the Dumping, Dreaming, Deciding method I’m using, see this post on the Growing Up Method.  


Set Up (Tap the Karate Chop point)

Even though I often feel insecure and inadequate, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I often think I’m not good enough and I compare myself to others, I love and approve of all of me.

Even though I often feel anxious, and like I’m not safe, I’m open to the possibility of all of this changing.


Tapping the Points (see point chart)

I feel insecure


I feel inadequate

I compare myself to others

I don’t think I’m good enough

I think something is wrong with me

I feel anxious alot

I don’t feel safe

I lose my nerve and my creativity and give up on my dreams



(Tap the Karate Chop point)

Even though I still feel a lot of insecurity, what if I could feel safe to change?

Even though these limiting beliefs are pretty strong, wouldnt it be nice if I could allow my identity to shift to one that’s more confident and secure?

Even though I don’t know how to change, what if I could simply trust the way to unfold?


Tapping the Points (see point chart)

What if I could hear this insecure voice and take it into my heart?

What if I could love and embrace that insecure part of me that is in all of us?

What if I could open my heart to those thoughts and feelings and welcome them in?

What if I could breathe from my heart, giving and accepting love with every breath?

What if I could know that I’m plenty good enough, that I’m awesome?

What if I could feel safe and secure?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could remain aware of my dreams?

Wouldnt it be nice if I could feel my connection with my essence, with my eternal self?



(Tap the Karate Chop point)

Even though i still feel some of that insecurity, I’ve decided I can remain loving and creative, loving that insecurity too.

Even though I may not be fully ready to let go of this identity of being less than, I still chose to allow myself to be pleasantly surprised at how easily I do let it go.

Even though part of me is still feeling inadequate, I chose to trust that these feelings and beliefs are being resolved on a deep level and cheer on that larger part of me ready and eager to change.



Tapping the Points (see point chart)

I chose to love and approve of all of me

I’ve decided that I’m worthy, awesome in fact!

I know that Inspiration, guidance, help and love are always available to me

I chose to focus on my passion and enthusiasm

I’ve decided that my gifts must be expressed

I can relax, knowing the how will be revealed, as I need it

I chose to trust that all is well

I chose to feel calm, confident, enthusiastic and energized

*     *     *     *     *

If you resonate with this EFT script, here are your action steps.

Action Steps

1. Tap the script for 7 days in a row – any time, and morning is best.

2.  Come here and post a comment answering:  What shifts did you notice?

All my best!


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photo by DaveBleasdale


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