Afraid to Change – EFT Tapping Technique for Transformation, #1

Colorful womanTapping Technique for Fear of Change

EFT Tapping is the best way I know to overcome those inner blocks that keep us safe and small.  Here is the first in a series of tapping technique scripts to help you create the life you want.  Tapping for transformation, from the inside out.

Sure, You Want to Change

You are positive you want to stop destructive habits, lose weight, get in shape, transform old limiting beliefs and attract a life of abundance.


And have you ever found that you can start on a transformation project with great enthusiasm and will-power, just to lose your motivation after a few days, weeks or months.

Then return to your old habits, shape or weight?

The Power of Unconscious Fear

Most of us are not aware of the power of our fears – conscious and unconscious – in keeping things just the way they are.   Keeping us just the way we are.  I’ve written about the huge drive to keep us safe and small in the Inner Lifeguard tapping technique series.  See the link below.

The good news?  These fears and forces keeping us safe – and stuck – can be neutralized, cleared and overcome with EFT tapping.

I began this Transformation Series with the topic of fear of change, since it’s the one that’s coming up most for me, as I orchestrate this enormous life change of selling my house and moving out of the US.  I’ve been continually amazed at the layers of inner resistance I’ve needed to clear in order to make this dream a reality.  And without EFT, I’m sure I would have sabotaged it early in the process.

I’m using my Growing Up Tapping Technique, with three rounds of tapping – Dumping, Dreaming, Deciding.  Any time while tapping that a related memory pops up, it’s a good idea to take a little tapping side-trip and tap on that memory, then return to the script.  Also, if you experience strong emotions that are not cleared by the tapping script I provide, tap one or more additional rounds on that emotion.  Then return to the script.

Before beginning this tapping script, think of a way you’d like to change.  Would you like to make a change in your body, your thinking, your prosperity, your belief in your ability to do something?  Then tune into that change as you tap.


(Tap continually on the Karate Chop Point)

Even though there’s a part of me that is afraid to make this change, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though it might not be safe to change, I accept myself and all my feelings.

Even though I’m not sure who I would be if I made this change, I accept myself just as I am.

Round One – Dumping

(focusing on the problem and your negative emotions about it)

Eyebrow:  I’m too scared to change.
Side of Eye:  I’m not sure I really want to change.
Under Eye:   Others might not like it if I change.
Under Nose:   I don’t want to upset anybody.
Chin:  Who would I be if I made this change?
Collarbone:  I might not recognize myself.
Under Arm:  It’s too scary to change.
Top of Head:  I’m just going to stay where I am.

Round Two:  Dreaming

(focus on how things could be)

Eyebrow:  What if I could change and still feel safe?
Side of Eye:  What if I could trust myself to make this change in a safe way?
Under Eye:  What if I could do what’s best for me and let others take care of themselves?
Under Nose:  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make this change and know that I am safe?
Chin:  Wouldn’t it be nice if I could recognize myself even when I look and feel different?
Collarbone:  What if I trust that part of me that wants this change?
Under Arm:  What if I could believe in my potential?
Top of Head:  Wouldn’t it be great if I could feel calm and confident as I make this change?

Round Three:  Deciding

(making the decision to change)

Eyebrow:  I really do want to change!
Side of Eye:  I have decided to make this change.
Under Eye:  I choose to focus on me and trust others to deal with their reactions.
Under Nose:  I have decided that I can make this change and still be safe.
Chin:  I choose to trust my abilities.
Collarbone:  I have decided I deserve to make this change.
Under Arm:  I’ve decided I’m worth it.
Top of Head:  I choose to make this change.

Enjoy the way EFT tapping brings you closer to the life you want.

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