Emotional Freedom: What Are Your Vows?

Emotional Healing with EFT Tapping – Part 1

Young girl lacking emotional freedomThe following story is about emotional freedom – how we lose it and the first of two articles teaching how to reclaim it.

I was 10.

My mom had bought me a gray wool coat.  It was snug around my small chest, then flared out into an A-line shape.

Feminine and flattering.  I felt adorable in it.

Best of all, she’d bought fake fur that she was going to sew around the collar, cuffs and hem.  She had the fur pinned onto the coat, ready to stitch on by hand.

I was imagining how cute I’d look and feel in that coat. It was still warm in Phoenix in the fall, so I wasn’t yet ready to wear my adorable new coat.

I was home with Mom and we made a quick run to the grocery store.

While we were gone, the house was robbed.

The robbers ransacked our house – pulling out drawers and dumping out the contents.

They took my pink ceramic piggy bank and dropped it on the floor of my bedroom …they took only the large coins and bills.

And, can you believe it, they took that gray coat, hanging on the wall of the dining room, where my mom was working on it.  I never got to wear it.

Fast forward to me as an adult.

I don’t like to manage money.  Hate budgeting and never have.  Feel nauseous if I ever sit down to do bookkeeping or accounting.  Never balance my checking account.

And at the moment I write this, all my possessions will fit into 2 suitcases.

You might know I sold my house and truck and let go of all my possessions last year when I left the US for the Philippines and Thailand.  It was easy for me to let go of everything (with a little tapping help).

Looking back at that day I lost my piggy bank and my adorable coat, my attitude around money and possessions makes sense to me.

I made a vow that day.

I vow to never save or care about money or material possessions

(because they’ll be taken from me and lead to great pain).

Is it any wonder that I haven’t saved much money in my life?

Are you surprised that I gave everything away last year and have been living like a gypsy?

I don’t judge that I made those choices.

But I don’t like the lack of personal freedom they imply.

I made those choices in part to support my unconscious vow to never save or care about money or material possessions.

In many ways, I’ve been a puppet to my own childhood vow.

All these years later, I’m still living my life to align with vows I made as a 10-year old who lost a few dollars and a coat.

Whether you realize it or not, it’s the same with you.

How do you feel about the thought that you have dozens of unconscious vows, most made as a kid, that you’re unconsciously supporting with your words and actions?

Would you like to become more free to direct your life from the wisdom you’ve gained, instead of from the traumas you’ve suffered?

If so, here’s your task:

Think of the memorable events of your life, beginning as young as you can remember.

Write down a short title, representing that event.

Then ask yourself two questions:

1.  What did I learn or decide about myself or life in that moment?

2.  What vows did I make to keep myself safe?

I’ll give you a couple examples of how your notes might look.

Event: I broke my sister’s watch when I was 3.

I learned/decided . . . I’m not a careful person, I break other people’s stuff, I can’t be trusted with other people’s stuff, I’m not good at taking care of things.

I vowed to never borrow or use other people’s things.  I vowed to not care about my own material possessions.

Event:  Robbers broke my bank and stole my coat when I was 10.

I learned/decided . . . things I love can be taken from me, possessions can lead to pain, I’m not safe, even in my house.

I vowed to never be attached to money or possessions.

Notice how the robber incident when I was 10 reinforced the broken watch incident when I was three?

Benefits of this Emotional Freedom Work

Doing this process will greatly increase your awareness of the unconscious drivers operating in your life.  Just becoming aware can allow you more freedom of choice and allow change to begin.

And, in the next article I’ll share with you two ways to use EFT to break the hold of your unconscious programming.

In the meantime, please share your discoveries and feedback in the comments.

Moving toward freedom,


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