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thinking negative thoughts From Thinking Negative Thoughts to Positive belief change Tap Away a Negative Attitude

When you are thinking negative thoughts, what can you do to change your thinking?  It sometimes works to simply DECIDE to quit – and start thinking positive thoughts.

But often we just don’t have that much control over what thoughts flit across the screen of our mind.

And no matter what we “say” to our mind, back comes that “stinkin’ thinkin.”

I’ve found that there is one method, Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT – or Tapping, that can quickly change thinking and the emotions behind it.

What is Tapping?

Tapping is method that connects the mind and body, the conscious and unconscious.

Tapping is sometimes described as psychological acupressure, since we activate the the thoughts and emotions while stimulating the body’s energy meridian system, like in acupressure or acupuncture (but we don’t use needles!).

Tapping is a simple …and transformative technique that combines the effectiveness of hypnosis, meditation and acupressure.

You can learn it in a matter of minutes …

…and use it to apply instant relief to stressful situations in your life.

How does Tapping work?

Tapping interrupts and changes the body’s energy patterns that cause a particular thought to be experienced as an upsetting emotion.

Simply said, when you tap these certain stress relief points when you’re feeling bad, your emotions shift – and along with them, your thoughts.

So by tapping, you can change emotions like anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, feeling stressed-out – into peace, calm, optimism, creative problem-solving mode and enthusiasm.

With tapping you can quickly go from thinking negative thoughts to positive.

If you’re new to EFT tapping, you may be wondering how to use EFT to go from negative thinking to positive thinking.  I’ve developed a technique called the Growing Up Method that takes you from thinking negative thoughts – childish, petty, whining thoughts – to thinking mature, wise, intelligent, creative, resourceful and positive thoughts.

This short video interview with Gary Williams of the EFT Tapping Hub gives an overview of how the Growing Up Method works.


I’ve also explained the process in this article on The Growing Up Method.

The hallmark of the Growing Up Method is the three distinctly different focuses on tapping.


We’re growing up here, right?  Dumping is the childish phase.

When you begin to tap on an issue, you typically feel bad and you’re not open to feeling good.  Often, you just feel like complaining and you want to be heard.

So listen! Tap all your complaints, bad feelings, icky emotions.  Don’t censor them or try to make them sound nice or polite.

Acknowledge how bad you feel and verbalize it all in these Dumping rounds.  Tap as many rounds (eyebrow – top of head is one round) as it takes until you feel somewhat better.

These rounds acknowledge the negative.

If you’ve been suppressing your negative thinking, or even denying that you have negative thoughts – this alone can feel great – liberating!

Feel free to be thinking negative thoughts here exclusively.


Now that your emotional state has gotten a little lighter, a little more positive, you are ready to move to the Dreaming phase.

In this phase, it’s as if you’ve matured.  You’re now in that young adult phase of dreaming.  You’re thinking, “What if…” and “Wouldn’t it be nice if…”

To begin this phase, as yourself what it is you would like to be thinking, feeling, doing.

This tapping phase is a mix of negative thinking and positive thinking.

Then we move to the final phase…


In the final tapping phase, you grow up to your wise, mature self.  Here, you’ll be tapping predominantly positive thoughts.

Be sure that you feel quite positive before doing this phase, to avoid thinking negative thoughts as a rebuttal when you’re not quite ready for the positive.

If those rebuttals come up, simply return to Dumping or Dreaming until you are fully ready to embrace the positive.

To get the words for tapping this phase, ask yourself…

What do I choose?

What have I decided?

Doing this final phase of

But now, let’s get a taste for how to use this method to tap…

From Thinking Negative Thoughts to Positive

(Grab the EFT Manual if you need more instruction on how to do EFT tapping – it will arrive in your email inbox in minutes!)

Let’s use the topic of negative thinking for this tapping script.


Karate Chop Point From Thinking Negative Thoughts to Positive belief change Dumping

Set Up (Tap the Karate Chop point)

Even though I have a lot of negative thoughts, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I often catch myself thinking negative thoughts, I love and approve of all of me.

Even though I feel a little shocked at how often I notice myself thinking negatively, I accept even this in me.


Tapping Points 800a From Thinking Negative Thoughts to Positive belief change

Tapping the Points (see point chart)

Adapt these phrases to fit your own thoughts.

I didn’t realize how often I’m negative.

All these negative thoughts. Ugh!

I thought I was more positive than this!

But it turns out I think a lot of negative thoughts.

I think negative thoughts about others.

I think negative thoughts about me (especially about me!).

I think negative thoughts about my future.

Take a deep breath.


(Tap the Karate Chop point)

Even though I do notice I’m thinking a lot of negative thoughts, what if I could feel safe to change?

Even though I’ve gotten into the negative thinking habit, what if I could start a new, positive thinking habit?

Even though I don’t know HOW to make this change, what if I could simply trust the way to unfold?

Tapping the Points (see point chart)

What if I could hear that negative voice and turn it 180 degrees?

What if I could love and embrace that negative part of me …that is in all of us?

What if I could open my heart to those negative thoughts and feelings and welcome them in?

What if I could ask myself, “What’s the good in that?”

Or, “How could I see that in a positive light?”

What if I could feel safe and secure with things just as they are now?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could see that silver lining, and always look for the good?


(Tap the Karate Chop point)

Even though there’s still some doubt in me that I can totally let go of negative thinking, I’ve decided that the benefits of more positive thinking is worth it.

Even though I may not be fully ready to let go of this identity of being critical and judgmental, I’m open to another possibility.

Even though part of me is still feeling the urge to be a critical, negative thinker, I chose to trust that the way to thinking more positive thoughts will unfold naturally.


Tapping the Points (see point chart)

I chose to look for the positive.

I’ve decided that I’m worth it!

I know that more joy, love and abundance will come my way when I think more positive thoughts.

I chose to focus on what’s good, what’s working, what I appreciate.

I’ve decided that positive is a good thing.

I can relax, knowing I can still be discriminating.

I chose to trust in my joyful, loving, positive nature!

I chose to feel safe even when I’m positive.


Tapping the points.

I am…















Action Steps!

Taking action helps move temporary learning into permanent knowledge.  So, take some action right now!

In the comments below, let us know…

1.  What have you noticed about the nature of your thinking (I’ve noticed mine is much more negative than I suspected!)?

2.  How did you feel when you used this script?


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About the Author

Natalie Hill is a Transformational Coach for women entrepreneurs. She loves empowering women to bust through their blocks so they can be who they were born to be. Contact Natalie at Google+

{ 12 comments… read them below or add one }

Brandi February 2, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Hello Natalie,

First time visitor to your site :) . I just want to thank you for how well your site is designed and how clear, focused, and relatable your content is. Moments ago, I was journaling “I just feel stuck. Not miserable, not elated…just complacent and stuck. I need help.” Then I googled “feeling of resistance”, clicked on the 3rd link that called to me (your site), and before I could even read the page…your “From Procrastination to Passion” document popped up!! And it was JUST what I needed and was asking for. I literally journaled about feeling loss of momentum, knowing I have fear and resistance/negative thoughts, but feeling clueless on how to move forward.

As I browsed through the rest of your site (after reading the Procrastination…doc), I thought “Wow!! This lady really gets me!!”

I too lived a life that satisfied my family & society’s expectations of me, but I was miserable. I made radical changes in attempt to improve things- ended my marriage, quit my job, consulted many books/intuitives/coaches, moved to another state hoping to jumpstart my drive and passion for life. But that’s where I’m stuck.

I’m a Renaissance soul with many interests, and when I’m focused, I’m very accomplished. Yet, I’m 27 and the life I want to live has no road map. I know there are people living how I want to live- living overseas, writing, educating, inspiring & guiding others to realize their potential, enjoying vibrant health, wealth and joie de vivre, cultivating deeply loving relationships, etc.- but I don’t know how to become one of them. The good thing is, your EFT lessons helped me chill out a bit about my negative thoughts.

And so, this is where I’m gonna start- tapping on my negative thoughts. Thank you for that, and thank you for your strong personal presence throughout the site. Do you, by chance, have INFJ preferences? (Myers Briggs)


Natalie Hill February 5, 2012 at 2:34 pm

Brandi, I’m so happy for your stumbling upon me, for applying what you’ve learned and for taking the time to write so beautifully about yourself and your experience. Thank you!

I have done the Myers Briggs, but don’t remember what I am! I know I’m an introvert, perfectionist with great need for change, challenge, adventure and learning. Does that sound like an INFJ?


Natalie Hill February 5, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Brandi, sorry but I don’t know my Myers Briggs label. I know I’m an introvert, perfectionist with a great need for change, learning, challenge, exploration – internal as much as external. Does that sound like an INFJ?

I love your description of the way you want to live your life with no roadmap. And you can! Just keep dream your dream, picturing you living that Renaissance soulful life. Call on your angels and guides for direction and support.

And keep tapping away those inner doubts that block you from expressing your true self.




Rita Ibison July 2, 2011 at 3:08 am

I had a number of twists and turns in my plans for this day. none of them would I have chosen. Since following this script, I was able to face each event without negative thoughts just a little sadness on one. Normally I would be in the bed with the covers over my head feeling like the world was against me. I have found that every thought I had was negative. No wonder I was in a deep depression But since I have followed your instructions problems don’t overwhelm me any more…. thank you so much for sharing what you have learned with us


Natalie July 3, 2011 at 7:36 am

Rita, that’s such encouraging news. I acknowledge the effort and intention it took on your part to use the script. Sometimes when we’re awash in negative thoughts, tapping is the last thing we consider.


Suzy June 30, 2011 at 3:20 am

Robyn has hit the nail on the head, I slip into negativity when I am feeling let down or disappointed by someone. I imagine I can’t be very important to them so the negativity protects me and renders me virtually powerless to change anything.
But my gratitude journal helps to remind me of all the good things and can energize me…


Natalie June 30, 2011 at 11:09 am

Suzy, it occurs to me that there may be one or more significant events in which you were let down, disappointed. Those memories are determining how you react to anything that triggers the same response. Clear the original events and you’re likely to experience very different reactions today.

Anything come to mind?


Robyn June 29, 2011 at 7:53 pm

Yes this is a timely script for me as I recently realized how I can be still negative at times (especially in my own mind)

While doing this script I had an insight about how negative thinking is protecting me from being disappointed. ( again) If I think positively I am afraid I’ll be disappointed and not get what I want or am focusing on.


Natalie June 30, 2011 at 11:07 am

Great insight Robyn. You can tap on something like…

Even though I think I have to be negative to protect me from being disappointed…

I have to be negative
It keeps me from being disappointed
It keeps me safe
Being negative is positive for me
Is that true?
Do I really have to be negative?


Love to see it if you create a script for this.


Robyn July 5, 2011 at 8:06 pm

and further to your suggestions above Natalie, I realized-

it also keeps me in resistance ( & paralyzed from taking action)

Even though I feel like a total fake at being a personal growth teacher and healer when I can still be so negative and resistance myself…

Even though I am guiding and supporting others to change their beliefs and love themselves yet I am not totally together or perfect myself…

Even though I am still really afraid that good things just won’t really happen for me -like I hear about with other successful people…

Therefore I feel like I must be a fake
Therefore I feel like I must be a failure at this stuff
I am teaching this stuff yet do I really believe it works for me!
I am resisting this stuff because
There has been so much disappointment over the years
There has been so much disappointment in my life
And I’m sick of it
I just want it to stop

Even though I have been so disappointed so many times…..
Even though I’m sick of being kicked in the guts so many times…
Even though nothing good ever seems to happen for me..

What if things did work for me as well as for other people
What if I was a successful & prosperous business woman
What if I had good things happen for me and to me
What if overcoming my own resistance and fears allows me to support others better
What if I let the fear and resentment of all my disappointments go
I forgive all the people and situations that created disappointments in my life- including myself
Now I can focus more on the things I want and need
Now I can be free to be me

……………..And I have done some ( & continue to do) separate work on individual disappointing/hurtful situations.

Natalie July 5, 2011 at 8:24 pm

Robyn, what a beautiful script. Thank you SO much for sharing it.

Let’s add a final Deciding round to get you and others to an even more positive place.

Even though there’s this critical part inside me, I’ve decided to love all of me, even that
Even though I can still feel that little fear that things won’t work out for me, I choose to love & embrace the journey and the fear
Even though part of me is still expecting the worst, a larger, and growing part of me is expecting good
I’ve decided to love and accept all of me
I’ve decided my situation gives me lots of understanding and compassion for others
I’ve decided I am worthy of a good, happy, successful life
I chose to approve of myself
I chose to love myself
I chose to go a little easier on me –
To give me that hug of approval I want so much
I choose to honor my journey and the way I’m traveling
I choose love


Robyn July 9, 2011 at 9:49 pm

just lovely Natalie..will do this for sure


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