How to Change Your Beliefs by Warping Them with EFT

How to Change BeliefsA Tapping Method for Belief Change

Ok, now we get to the fun part about how to actually change your beliefs using the mind body tapping method I call SWAP. We’re going to scramble and release your negative beliefs – the ones not serving you.

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Let’s start by looking at a metaphor for what’s going on when a belief is strong.

Your Beliefs Are Like Tree Roots

Let’s imagine our friend Ellen has a belief that rich people are bad.  And let’s assume she first got that belief as a young child, by listening to things her family said about rich people.

This is a common belief that plays a big role in stopping us from making, saving, receiving, accumulating more money.

Who wants to be bad?

So the belief that rich people are bad blocks us from becoming rich!  (Heck, I just realized that “rich” was a bad word to me – felt negative just to say it – and stopped just now, while writing and did a little tapping on it!)

The belief that rich people are bad, until questioned, is invisible, assumed to be true and probably very stable.  It’s held in place by Ellen’s subconscious, her conscious mind, her body, her energy system and probably more.

Plus, she’s unconsciously looking for evidence to support her belief.

So when Ellen sees a rich person doing something she perceives as insensitive, rude, ugly. she might think, “Yep, I’m right.  See?  Rich people ARE bad.”

You can think of your beliefs as the root system of a large tree, held firmly in place by a large system.

Our attitude, emotions, thoughts, behaviors, your friends, family, culture all support our current beliefs like tree roots.

Loosening the RootsEFT to change core beliefs

In order to create a new, more empowering belief, you first need to release the grip on your current belief.

You could imagine this as loosening the roots of that limiting belief.

We need to dislodge the belief so it’s not so firmly held.

In the process I teach below, you also insert an element of uncertainty, confusion even. When the mind is uncertain or confused about a belief, it’s not so absolutely, totally, no-question true.

Warping your belief reduces your absolute belief in it and opens you to the possibility of a new, more empowering belief.

The Belief Flip Method

This method uses a combination of EFT and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  The Belief Flip was developed by Andy Hunt of the UK.

Andy has given me permission to teach this method, with one warning.

Caution:  Do not use the Belief Flip on yourself on beliefs formed during highly upsetting traumatic incidents. You can be triggered back into the incident and swamped with emotion.

That work needs to be done with the guidance of an experienced EFT professional.

Belief Flip Overview

You’ll take your belief statement and scramble it in 4 different ways.

Using tapping, you’ll say the 4 different belief statements (explained below) while tapping the points.

By causing mental confusion while sending energy through the body mind system, you loosen and dislodge the roots of your strong limiting belief.

The next step, an addition I learned from Pat Carrington, implants a new empowering alternative.  I’ll describe that in the next article in this series.

Belief Flip Instructions

Now the fun begins!

Follow these steps.

1.  Identify a limiting belief you’d like to change.

2. Scramble it in 4 different ways (see how to do that below)

3. Tap through your 4 flips twice, using my 8 tapping points,

4.  Tap them another round or two if desired

Now let’s look at how to create the 4 belief flips.

This is honestly much more challenging to explain than it is to actually do.  So be patient with the instructions.  You’ll get this in a jiff.

How to Create the 4 Flips

Make your original statement. For example, “All rich people are greedy.”

Split the belief statement into 2 halves (there’s no rule for where to split, but you’ll get better at it as you use this method).

Example of split:  All rich people – are greedy.

Flip both halves into their opposite (again, no rule for what opposite means – you decide based on your beliefs).

Example of opposites: No rich people – are generous.

Note:  We could have turned “rich people” into “poor people” or “regular people.”

There’s no one best way to do this.  I often flip my beliefs in several different ways, tapping on each – testing for the one that works best.

Then you create your four flips. Here’s what they are, showing you what each half needs to be:

Change beliefs with flip method

Here's how you flip your belief statement

See how that makes 4 different flips of the original belief?

Let’s see how that changes our example belief.

Flip #1:  All rich people are greedy.

Flip #2:  No rich people are generous.

Flip #3:  No rich people are greedy.

Flip #4:   All rich people are generous.

Now, don’t over-think this. To your thinking mind, this is a nonsensical exercise and a waste of time.

But when you tap it, the belief change you’re seeking begins!

Tapping the Belief Flip Method

Here’s how you tap the above 4 flips – no Set Up / Karate Chop needed.

Eyebrow: All rich people are greedy.

Side of Eye: No rich people are generous.

Under Eye: No rich people are greedy.

Under Nose: All rich people are generous.

Chin: All rich people are greedy.

Collarbone: No rich people are generous.

Under Arm: No rich people are greedy.

Top of Head: All rich people are generous.

While this method of how to change your belief using the SWAP method may seem a little confusing at first, after you’ve done it just a few times, it will get super easy.

You can Warp a handful of limiting beliefs a day – whenever you notice yourself judging or criticizing others, whenever you feel limited or overwhelmed or frustrated or irritated or scared.

Just ask yourself . . .

“What do I believe to be true here?

What belief is under the emotion I’m feeling?”

In the next article, I’m going to show you how to plant the new seeds of positive, empowering beliefs.

The Belief Flip method scrambled your beliefs – and to use a new metaphor, that’s similar to plowing a field and fertilizing it with rich organic compost.

Now you’re ready to plant the seeds of what you’d like to belief.

You can plant seeds that help you feel strong, confident, capable, generous, worthy of health, wealth, love, joy.

You can even allow yourself to be rich and good, if you want. You get to decide!

Here’s what I’d love you to do after testing out the Warp step with a couple of your limiting beliefs.

Come back here and share with us . . .

1. What belief you flipped.

optional – what the flips were

2. How it felt!

And if you enjoyed this article on How to Change Your Beliefs method, I invite and encourage you to send it along to others who might also enjoy it.

To you better and better life!


p.s. I just stumbled upon this video.  The program is starting next week – and it’s going to be awesome. Check out the free video here Powerful, Passionate & Fabulous – Content video.

I love tapping with Margaret Lynch!

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