How to Increase Low Self Esteem

How to increase self esteemIf you want to know how to increase low self esteem, the answer is simple (even though implementing it may not be).

2 Ways for Building Confidence and Self Esteem  

1.  Reduce the negative – the reinforcers that say you are not worthy.

2. Increase the positive – the reinforcers that say you’re awesome.

When I say reinforcers, these are mainly your own beliefs and self-talk. Those are like the soup you’re swimming in.

But also, I mean the people you associate with – at home, work, socializing.  Your physical environment.  Your work, clothing. The books you read, music you listen to, tv and movies you watch.

Every choice you make, every element of your life will either reinforce the positive or the negative.

What are the causes of low self esteem?

Anywhere along the way we could be told we’re stupid, clumsy, incapable, a loser, an idiot, in the way, a bother, too loud, wrong, bad, no good.  Well, that one’s easy:  LIFE.

Under the age of 6, we’re in a hypnotic state and take in everything as unquestioned truth.

How To Increase Low Self Esteem

Here are three ways to improve self esteem.

1.  Dump Your Trash

How to increase low self esteem

Tapping, or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is the quickest, easiest and most effective technique I’ve ever come across for clearing negative emotions from an event.

This technique is easy to learn and give you the power to change your life, right in your fingertips!  Tapping is one of the best ways to improve self esteem.

Here’s how to use EFT on your specific life events for overcoming low self esteem:

1.  Locate the key events in your life that convinced you that you were defective.  Use the EFT Tell the Story Technique to reduce the emotional charge on those events.

2.  Go back and tap on the event again, using the Growing Up Method taught in great depth here.  This time, include the beliefs you formed about yourself and about life in your tapping.

3. In the Dreaming and Deciding phases, create new, empowering beliefs.  This is a great technique for building high self esteem.

You can also use general tapping to help dump your trash and clear your self esteem issues.  While it’s not as targeted as the specific event tapping, it can still help you move from feeling unworthy, insecure or inadequate to confident, calm and worthy of good.

2. Set Limits With Your Thoughts

Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, teaches dog owners to be kind, assertive leaders of their pets.

This is what you must learn to be with your own mind.

Cesar uses the sound “SSSSST!” to get the dog’s attention, then he redirects the dog to the desired behavior.

You can do the same.

When you notice your thoughts discouraging you, berating you, reinforcing those old and painful stories, you can get your mind’s attention, “SSSSST!”  Then tell your mind what you want it to think instead.

You want your mind to be thinking encouraging, reinforcing, kind thoughts.

This brings me to tip #3 . . .

3. Implant The Positive Without Resistance

My favorite form of good thoughts are gentle ones that don’t trigger the “Yea, Right,” reaction. Regular affirmations do that for me – and for many others.

The goal is to slip positive thinking by the grouchy gatekeepers of your mind who are resistant to blatant positive thinking.

Do this by the either starting your suggestions with “What if” or “Wouldn’t it be nice if.”  Or with a “Why” question.

Here are some examples:

What if I was feeling proud of myself in this moment?

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could feel encouraging to myself right now?

Why am I so confident?

Why do I feel so loved?

Why do I feel so good about myself?

These are my top recommendations for how to increase low self esteem. When you consistently do these three things, over time, you will definitely notice all aspects of you overcoming low self esteem.

This is important work, that each of us must to, to reclaim that brilliant being inside us.  And remember, YOU ARE WORTH IT!

Brilliance and freedom!



P.S.  If you are a person committed to your success and rapid transformation, I recommend you purchase Make EFT Work Every Time.  This will give you tools to work magic on yourself quickly :)

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