Justin Bieber Tapping

Justin Bieber TappingDoes Justin Bieber Have Any Qualities You’d Like to Have?

Are you a fan of Justin Bieber?  An un-fan?  Or simply ignoring the kid, as I was until just a few days ago?

I was exhausted last weekend – from a week of extending myself too far work-wise, suffering from chemical sensitivity to the cabinets of my new apartment (cabinets refinished 1 year ago) & the gym floor at my pilates class, then the physical exertion of  moving to a different apartment.

A lot for my sensitive, delicate body to take!

So over the weekend, I did a lot of reading, napping and movie-watching.

Justin Bieber’s story, Never Say Never, was available for instant watching on Netflix, so I watched it.

Here’s what I knew about Justin Bieber before watching the movie:

    • Heard him sing Never Say Never with Jade Smith, for the remake of Karate Kid
    • Knew of him as “that kid with the hair”.
    • Had Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner with two teenager girls who are in love with him
    • Heard from those girls there’s an electric toothbrush that plays his songs while you brush
    • Wasn’t much impressed with his voice, so never looked deeper
That’s not much to know about the biggest teen star on our planet.

But then I saw the movie.  (If you haven’t seen it – do it.  The music is totally enjoyable, he’s wholesome and adorable – and you may just get inspired like I did)

This kid’s amazing!

Again, I don’t say that because I’m in love with his hair . . . or his singing (although I admit I have Baby Baby running through my head right now).

So what is it about him that won me over?

Three things:

1.  Focus 

2.  Feeling

3.  Foolishness

Here’s what I think made 695,228,101 watch his Baby Baby video.

Focus.  The kid told his manager he’d fill Madison Square Garden over a year before he sold it out in 22 minutes. Just watch 15 minutes of his movie and you’ll get a glimpse of the focus required to do a concert tour like he pulled off.  And you’ll witness his focus as a tiny kid – learning drums and teaching himself guitar.

That’s the kind of focus needed to achieve massive goals and I admire that no matter what that age, hair or singing voice.

Feeling.  He told Ellen DeGeneres, “I don’t how not to be adorable.” (yea, I went from his movie to checking out what else he’d been up to)

Ya see, that’s his charm, his adorable-ness.   The kid knows how to genuinely connect with people. He clearly loves little kids and babies.  And he IS adorable with them.  He runs up to his old school buddies and hugs them.  He gets off the couch after an exhausting show to hug and thank his staff and family.  The kid looks people in the eye. He’s a connector.

You can tell he cares about how people feel.

Foolishness.  I believe this is a necessary quality for success – the willingness to look and feel foolish.  Basically, the willingness to fail, in front of others.

If you can’t do that, you can’t try and learn new things.  You can’t grow.  Because you can’t take risks.

Bieber’s going all out – not afraid to look foolish or act foolish.  This is an absolute requirement for performing, dancing and singing full (fool!) out. Watching him perform in front of a live audience, you can tell he’s giving you all he’s got.

The message to other kids is “Go for it!‘  “Don’t be afraid to be yourself and risk looking foolish.”  “You can do it!

Another side of the fool is the prankster.  He likes to play tricks on people and get everybody laughing.  Again – not afraid to play the fool, live life all out.

So how can we apply lessons from Justin Bieber to our lives?

Here’s a tapping script that let’s us borrow his focus, feeling and foolishness.

Never heard of this strange thing called tapping?  Learn more here with the EFT Manual.  This article on EFT and tapping may also help.

Set up – karate chop

EFT tapping points, karate chop point

Tapping the Karate Chop point

Even though I know I don’t always have the focus to succeed, I accept myself just the way I am. 

Even though I don’t always want to fully feel my life, my emotions, connect to others with feeling, I’m ok just the way I am.

Even though I don’t always have the courage to be foolish, I accept myself anyway. 

EFT Tapping Points

EFT Tapping Points

Tapping through the points

Eyebrow:  I’m not always focused

Side of Eye:  My mind wanders a lot.

Under Eye:  I don’t have the focus it takes to make big goals

Under Nose:  Sustained focus is hard for me.

Chin:  Focus takes work

Collarbone:  Focus takes energy

Under Arm:  I don’t know if I’m willing to work that hard.

Top of Head:  To expend that much energy.

Eyebrow:  And I don’t like feeling too much.

Side of Eye:  Feelings can be painful.

Under Eye:  It’s not easy to keep a feeling connection with others.

Under Nose:  That opens me up to getting hurt.

Chin:  Staying connected takes a lot of energy.

Collarbone:  I’m not sure I have it.

Under Arm:  And foolishness

Top of Head:  Why would I want to be foolish?

Eyebrow:  Make a fool of myself?

Side of Eye:  That’s just silly.

Under Eye:  No point in being foolish.

Under Nose:  But I might want to achieve things I haven’t yet

Chin:  I might want to live a bigger life, stretch a bit

Collarbone:  And in the process, I could fail and look foolish

Under Arm:  Feel like a fool.

Top of Head:  It’s not worth it.  I’m not ready to focus, feel and look foolish.

Take a nice deep breath

Tapping again:

Eyebrow:  Well, what if I could actually learn something from Justin Bieber?

Side of Eye:  What if he could teach me something?

Under Eye:  I like the idea of learning, growing and becoming more alive, awake, whole

Under Nose:  What if I could be a little more focused?

Chin:  What if I could have a little of that kid’s focus?

Collarbone:  What if I could borrow some of Justin Bieber’s focus.

Under Arm:  So some of my dreams and goals could come true

Top of Head:  That would be a good thing.  I’m open to that.

Eyebrow:  And what about feeling.

Side of Eye:  What if I could feel a little more deeply

Under Eye:  Be a little more open to the messages of my emotions?

Under Nose:  I know people like to feel connected

Chin:  People like to know you care

Collarbone:  People like to feel loved

Under Arm:  So what if I could borrow a little of that connection from Justin Beiber?

Top of Head:  He really knows how to show people he cares about them.

Eyebrow:  He knows how to show feeling and affection.

Side of Eye:  I’m open to borrowing some of his feeling.

Under Eye:  Now foolishness?

Under Nose: Isn’t this going a little too far?

Chin:  Why would I want to be foolish?

Collarbone:  Justin was foolish to run up to Usher and ask to sing for him.

Under Arm:  Usher became his mentor.

Top of Head:  Justin was foolish to announce he could sell out Madison Square Garden.

Eyebrow:  He did it – in 22 minutes.

Side of Eye:  He was foolish to put his amateurish videos on YouTube

Under Eye:  Which got him a record contract

Under Nose:  And a national tour

Chin:  He was foolish enough to sing his song for dozens of DJs

Collarbone:  who had never heard of Justin Bieber

Under Arm:  And tweet about it

Top of Head:  Which got hundreds of girls showing up at the radio stations

Eyebrow:  Showing the DJs he already had a following

Side of Eye:  Maybe I’d like to step out and be a little more foolish

Under Eye:  Like Justin Bieber

Under Nose:  Maybe foolish is what it takes to announce to the world,

Chin:  “I believe in myself.”

Collarbone:  “I’m willing to do what it takes to make this happen.”

Under Arm:  “I’m willing to risk looking foolish

Top of Head:  Because I’ve got a unique life to live here,

Eyebrow:  and I’m willing to risk looking foolish to show it to the world.”

Side of Eye:  I choose to be a little more like Justin Bieber

Under Eye:  Focused,

Under Nose:  Feeling

Chin:  Foolish

Collarbone:  I may not love his hair or his music, but I do admire his focus

Under Arm:  And I respect his feeling

Top of Head:  And I can see the power of being willing to look or feel foolish.  Just like Justin Bieber


Love to hear what you thought of my reaction to Justin Bieber and how you like the tapping script!



p.s. This was so much fun for me, I decided to make a category called Celebrity Tapping!

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