Undeserving – Change Beliefs with EFT Tapping

Emotional Tapping Therapy for Changing Your Belief System

Undeserving ManDo you feel deserving of abundance?  Somewhere, probably in your childhood, you picked up a belief that you are undeserving.  Or you may feel unlovable, not good enough or somehow defective.  This EFT tapping script can help you believe you are deserving of abundance.

Sadly, these are very common beliefs.

You could have formed the belief when, as a young child, you spilled or dropped something.  Maybe someone said something unkind…

What a dummy!

You’re so clumsy!

What’s wrong with you!

Or maybe a relative – parent or sibling – just looked at you with a disproving look.

And you made the conclusion that there was something wrong with you.

This is a belief that will be running continually, under the radar of conscious awareness.

The belief that you are undeserving or unworthy will undermine your success in life.

It will undermine your happiness.

It will undermine your health.

It can keep you from living a life of robust health, of fulfilling love and of creating financial abundance.

The good news?

It’s just a belief!  And beliefs can be changed.  Of every method I’ve used, I’ve found that EFT tapping is the most effective and efficient way to change thoughts, emotions and beliefs.  If you’re new to tapping therapy, I suggest you start with the EFT manual (sign up for the tapping techniques newsletter and I’ll send you the whole EFT manual in a printable eBook.)

Click this link if you need an EFT tapping point refresher?  In the following tapping script, I’ll be using an EFT tapping technique I created called the Growing Up Method.  Learn more about this tapping technique.

Tapping Script to Change a Core Belief

Here is a tapping script that can help you change the belief of feeling undeserving or unworthy to the belief that you are deserving.

Set-Up at the Karate Chop Point

Even though I don’t deserve a good life in every way, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Even though I don’t deserve all that I want in life, I accept how I am and how I feel.

Even though I’m now worthy of everything good in life, I accept myself right now.

Tap the points:

Eyebrow: I don’t deserve a good life.

Side of Eye: I’m not worthy of all I want.

Under Eye: I don’t deserve the best things in life.

Under Nose: I’m not worthy of all that I want.

Chin: I don’t deserve what I’m dreaming of.

Collarbone: I’m convinced I don’t deserve it.

Under Arm: I wonder where this belief came from.

Top of Head: Could it be possible to change this belief?

Take a deep breath.

Karate Chop

Even though I learned this belief somewhere in my childhood, does it have to be true?

Even though I’ve had this belief for years, maybe decades, I must have learned it somewhere.

Even though someone taught me I don’t deserve what I want, what if they were wrong?

Tap the Points:

Eyebrow: I don’t deserve what I want.

Side of Eye: I don’t deserve everything I could dream of.

Under Eye: I’m convinced I’m unworthy of a life of abundance.

Under Nose: I’m convinced that I’m unworthy.

Chin: I wonder if this is blocking me?

Collarbone: I wonder how this is blocking me?

Under Arm: Could it be possible that this belief isn’t true?

Top of Head: What would it be like to let go of this belief?

Take a deep breath.  Notice what came up for you while tapping.  Often you’ll have memories of the seed events, the early events that planted the belief in you in the first place.  If a memory did emerge for you, take a little side trip and tap on that memory.

Then return to this script.

Eyebrow: I don’t feel deserving.

Side of Eye: I’ve never felt completely deserving.

Under Eye: I never quite feel worthy enough?

Under Nose: What if I’ve been worthy all along?

Chin: What if the truth is that I’ve been worthy all along?

Collarbone: What if I could let go of the belief that I’m not worthy?

Under Arm: Wouldn’t it be great if I could feel deserving?

Top of Head: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could feel worthy of what I want?

Take a deep breath.  Assess your level, 0-10.  Repeat the previous tapping rounds if you’re still at at 4 or higher.  If you are at a 3 or lower, continue on to the next round.

Karate Chop:

Even though a little of me still feels unworthy, I’d like to consider changing that belief.

Even though there’s still a little of that undeserving belief in me, I’d love to feel deserving now.

Even though I someone, somewhere taught me that I’m undeserving, I’m ready to change that belief.

Final Tapping Rounds

Eyebrow: I think I’m ready to feel deserving.

Side of Eye: I think I’m ready to feel worthy of all that I want.

Under Eye: No I’m not!

Under Nose: Who am I kidding. I’m not worthy!

Chin: Well, maybe I am.

Collarbone: Who says I’m not deserving?

Under Arm: What if I’m just as deserving as anyone else?

Top of Head: I’m ready to feel worthy and deserving of what I want.

Eyebrow: I now choose to feel deserving.

Side of Eye: I know I really am deserving.

Under Eye: I have decided that I’m worthy of a good life.

Under Nose: I’ve decided that I deserve a good life.

Chin: I am worthy!

Collarbone: I am deserving!

Under Arm: I realize now that I’ve been worthy and deserving all along.

Top of Head: It feels so good to know I’m worthy and deserving of what I want.

Repeat any rounds you need to in order to feel great when you finish this tapping script.

After using this EFT tapping script, and tapping on anything it brought up, watch for changes in your life.  They may be as simple as standing taller.  Or asking for what you deserve.  Or you may notice you’re attracting more abundance into your life in the form of friendships, vitality or income.

Leave a comment and let us know what changes you notice!


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