What Are Core Beliefs and What Are Yours?

A Method to Change Core Beliefs

What are core beliefs?

What are your core beliefs?

In this post, I hope to go beyond answering the question, What are core beliefs? and describe a process I’ve created to help you identify and change the core beliefs that keep you from . . .

. . . earning as much money as you’d like, having optimal health and fitness and feeling maximum passion and joy in your life.

Since my start with EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques (See What is EFT), I’ve been looking for my limiting beliefs and using EFT to change them.

And I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and students, helping them identify and change their own limiting beliefs.

It’s fascinating to me to explore what causes us to be who we are, what keeps us stuck and what enables us to change.

I think I’m onto something with my new method and I’ve been itching to share it with you!

Here are my criteria for a method for uncovering and transforming your Core Beliefs.

A method to change core beliefs has to be:

  1. Quick
  2. Easy
  3. Effective without specialized training or skill
  4. Teachable
  5. Repeatable
  6. Able to cause lasting change

I think I’m on the right track.  Partly because I’ve been testing the process on me and I can feel it working, and partly because I’m standing on the shoulders of giants!

Here are some of those giants…

  • From Nikkea Devida, I learned more about the nature of the conscious and subconscious and the way our beliefs lead to the results in our lives.
  • Margaret Lynch’s work has helped me understand how and why we form negative vows.
  • Andy Hunt’s Belief Flip method is great for destroying a belief or vow.
  • Pat Carrington’s Choices Method and using resource states helps in replacing the negative belief or vow with something we actually want instead.

About my method.

There are four steps to the process that I call SWAP.  SWAP is an acronym that stands for Sleuth, Warp, Alternative, Patrol.

Sleuth.  The first step is to sleuth out your unconscious beliefs and vows.  Since they’re unconscious, they’re not obvious and you’ll need to do some detective work. This is where you ask, What are my core beliefs?

Warp.  Second, you warp these beliefs and vows.  The goal is to distort the belief, confuse your mind and loosen your mental grip on this belief.

Alternative.  Now, when the belief in question has been warped, it’s the perfect time to suggest an alternative.  You are going to implant the new belief of your choice.

Patrol. Finally,  you watch for either evidence of your new desired belief showing up in your life or evidence that it didn’t fully “take” you need to repeat the process.

More on each step will be coming in the weeks ahead.  I’ll do a teleclass on the SWAP method too, to demonstrate and help you learn and apply this technique.   I think the possibilities for facilitating change are great. Hope you do too!

What Are Core Beliefs?

I’ll help you discover yours in the next post.  But, to get a head start, here are some things you can start on.

Here’s what I want you to do:

Begin looking for evidence of limiting beliefs in your life.

It’s not always easy to see them.  You’re too close.

It’s like telling a fish to notice the water it’s swimming in.

Here are some ways you can notice.

1.  What are you critical about in others?  This indicates a belief in the form of “People should . . .” or “People shouldn’t . . .” or “It’s wrong to . . .”

2.  Are there things you’d like to be, do or have, but believe you can’t.  Your belief will be something like, “I could never. . .” or “I’m too _____ to . . .” or “It’s not possible for me to _____ because . . .”

3. Write down what you discover.  This will be your starting point when we begin the Warp process in the next article.


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