Breaking the Cycle

My Gifts to You!

Gift #1: Opportunity to Receive a Complementary Break the Cycle Strategy Session with me.

natalie-hillI’m honored to provide complimentary ‘Break the Cycle Strategy Sessions to those who are really ready to step into their next level in life NOW.

If you feel stuck, bored, frustrated, unhappy or unclear, these can be signs of repeating unhelpful cycles — you’re off course.

In a ‘Break the Cycle’ Strategy Session with me, we can get to the bottom of what’s going on and together discover the single most important step you can take to move forward on your path with power.

I consider it my personal mission to help those who know they are to here make a big difference find their clarity, confidence, purpose and joy so they can truly shine and fulfill what they are here to do.  The world needs you!

If you are a caring, creative seeker or conscious entrepreneur, there is nothing more important than accessing your inner wisdom – your soul’s guidance – and removing your inner resistance to LIVE that guidance, so you can enjoy your most fulfilling, exciting and successful life.

I guide people who know they are here to make a big difference, and who are ready to roll up their sleeves, experience true transformation,  and serve at the highest level.  If you are really committed, the sky’s the limit!

If this sounds like YOU, then this is the best gift you can give yourself at this moment:

Fill out your application here.

NOTE: I have very limited availability to offer these Strategy Sessions, so the sooner you submit your application, the better.


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Gift #2:  Breaking the Cycle – Call Recording

Play-Button_shutterstock_1235835971-1024x1024Listen here

 Gift #3:  Breaking the Cycle – How to Do It

My “Breaking the Cycle” guides you through a process to connect your conscious mind, your unconscious mind and your body to gain insight and wisdom about the cycles that have played and replayed in your life, causing you pain, discomfort, dis-ease and struggle.

Breaking the Cycle gives you a technique for not only gaining understanding about your painful cycles, but releasing their hold on you.

When you tap the meridian points while accessing the related emotions and connecting with your unconscious using the Breaking the Cycle method, you shine the light of awareness on what was formerly unconscious – and thus powerful in shaping your life.

Then, when you add the transformative and healing power of accessing your Trusted Guidance, you can rapidly release the unconscious drive to continue playing out the old patterns.

Use this technique once and you’ll notice a shift. Use it 5 times and you’ll see a huge difference in the way you feel, think and act.

Above all, regularly using this technique will make you feel profoundly supported, with an inner confidence, peace and spiritual depth that nothing can destroy.

 This is a life-changing tool you’ll turn to again and again!

Click here to get your “Break the Cycle” Guide. 

Gift #4:  The Tapping Tree

Tapping Tree graphicThe Tapping Tree is a tool I learned from Nick Ortner, in his new book, The Tapping Solution (which I HIGHLY recommend).

I took his simple and effective technique and created a printable Tapping Tree graphic you can use to create your own tapping scripts that take you right into the places in your unconscious where the painful repeating patterns are stored.

One great benefit of this is that you’ll know exactly what to say when tapping!  Just read your tapping tree aloud as you tap.

The Tapping Tree is an excellent tool you can use with yourself or others to truly get to the heart (and roots :) of any current issue.

It will help you greatly strengthen the wisdom, insight and release you get from your tapping.

And . . . when combined with the power of accessing your Trusted Guidance, this work can allow you to make rapid positive change in your life.

To learn even more about how to access your Trusted Guidance, refer to my recent article, How to Talk to God.

Click here to download the Tapping Tree handout.

Click here to download a filled in example of the Tapping Tree. 

Note:  If you are new to tapping, and have not tapped to release the charge on the events you list in the “Trunk” of the Tapping Tree, it will be helpful to do that.  The simplest way is to use the Tell the Story technique, as taught by Gary Craig, EFT founder.

Watch a video of me demonstrating the Tell the Story technique here.


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