Advanced Tapping Techniques

I just got this question from a reader: I have a query regarding practicing EFT.  Can I record the transcript in my voice in MP3 Player or in my Mobile and then play it via earphones and do the tapping? Would it be as effective as saying out the statements aloud? The reason is the other people in my house do not like that I […]


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Tapping Description – EFT Can Be Used For All These Issues

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique The Tapping description – EFT can be used for all these issues. Use Tapping for… Cravings Emotional Upsets Repetitive thoughts Haunting Memories Procrastination Overwhelm Pain Insomnia Goal-Setting Clearing limiting beliefs Attracting abundance Resolving health issues Any disturbing emotion Foggy thinking Loss of concentration or focus Good Times to Do EFT Tapping… When you wake up – before getting out of […]


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How to Attract Your Soulmate – Is It Too Late for Me?

What is a Soulmate?  Where is My Soulmate? Learn how to attract your soulmate, in this guest post by Arielle Ford, author of The SoulMate Secret. Is it your dream to find a soulmate? A life-partner who will love, cherish and adore you? As someone who didn’t meet and marry my soul mate until I was 44, I learned a lot along the way about […]

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Never Give Up On Me

Don’t Ever Give Up On Your Dreams Never give up on me is what I got from this inspiring and nearly unbelievable video. Lewis Pugh swims in water with ice floating beside him, water that would kill most humans in two minutes. I won’t spoil it for you, since the video is so over-the-top incredible. Watch it and be inspired and awed.  Who’s approval do […]


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Emotional Freedom: How to Get It and Keep It

Freedom Technique for Your Life Do you feel emotional freedom in your life?  Are you catching and skillfully riding the waves that catch you? Or are you losing your footing, tumbling and getting swamped by the inevitable waves of life? Early in my EFT career, I took a workshop that showed me graphically the impact of uncleared trauma.  The presenter drew the outline of a […]


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Mood Enhancers

Quick Cure for Negative Thinking Law of Attraction How to #4 Here are some powerful mood enhancers to lift your bad mood quickly and easily. This is the fourth in a series of articles about the Law of Attraction.  For a historical perspective, check out the first three articles:  Thoughts, feelings and the law of attraction,  How to visualize so it works, tapping script to clear negative […]


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Resistance to Change, Feeling Bad About Feeling Good

How Self Sabotage Blocks the Law of Attraction – Law of Attraction How to #3 This is the third in a series of articles about the Law of Attraction.  (Scroll down for the Tap With Me EFT script audio) The first was a general overview of thoughts, feelings and the law of attraction. The second talked about how to visualize so it works, with an associated EFT […]


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Clear Negative Thinking EFT Script

How to Be More Positive When Thinking Negative Law of Attraction How To Series I’ve designed this EFT script to help you clear your negative thinking at any time, and especially before doing any type of visualization and the Law of Attraction activity, such as making or watching a Mind Movie. I’m putting in more than the typical 3 EFT Set Up phrases, to cover […]


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EFT Anxiety Remedy:  SALT Tapping Technique

In this article, I share with you an anxiety remedy I developed from having, reading and learning about anxiety cures, and combining what I learned with a simple tapping technique.


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EFT Tapping Technique – Big Red Heart

I’m Over It I had a tapping session with a client yesterday I’ll call “Connie.” We used an EFT tapping technique that worked especially well. We were working to clear anything she had remaining over the sudden death of her adult son, four years ago. At first she told me she had already cleared everything from that tragedy and released the whole event. But I […]


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See Yourself as a Loser? YouTube EFT Videos

YouTube EFT Videos Series – You’ll sabotage your success – in sports and in life – when you have an unconscious belief that you’re a loser. EFT tapping, or emotional tapping therapy can help you see yourself as a winner.


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