Chemical Sensitivity

Tap With Me Audio for Reacting to Chemicals

EFT for Chemical Sensitivity I’ve made a Tap With Me recording to help relax those hyper-vigilant reactions to chemicals and to the thought of chemicals. Here’s the link to the audio:  Sensitive to Chemicals For more information on this topic, see also the discussion: Sensitive to Chemicals? and the tapping script for chemical sensitivity. ~Natalie


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EFT Tapping Script for Chemical Sensitivity

Tapping for Chemical Sensitivity Here is a tapping script you can use to help calm your sensitivity to chemicals.  There is always a mind body connection to everything and it can be very helpful to clear your fear and expectation related to getting sick from chemicals or being chemically sensitive. I’ve also made a Tap With Me audio recording for chemical sensitivity.  You can listen […]


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Sensitive to Chemicals?

Chemical Sensitivity and EFT Tapping Being chemically sensitive is becoming more and more common. Many people are sensitive to just a few things and some are sensitive to hundreds. Having a sensitivity to a few or many substances, can disrupt and limit you life.  What are the options? People with chemical sensitivities have three basic optons: 1. Avoid chemicals and limit exposure by lifestyle changes, […]


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