EFT & NLT for Clarity

Clarity Cache

Here is a simple method that combines EFT tapping and NLT to help you figure out what to do when you’re in doubt, confused or lacking clarity. This method can help you tap into the wisdom you already have, gain access to information in “the field,” become open to insight and relax the anxious, worried mind that obscures clarity.

Materials Needed

  • private space
  • some place to sit
  • pad and pen

Here’s what you do.

1. Privacy

You’ll need privacy to do this procedure. So find a space where you can be alone for 10-30 minutes.

2.  Find Your Spot

Identify a place to stand or sit that will be your Clarity Cache.  This can be a chair a car seat, a sofa, bench, spot on the floor or some place outdoors.  It just needs to be comfortable enough to spend a few minutes there.

3.  Imbue your Clarity Cache with…

…clarity, wisdom, calm, peace, insight, perception, vision, etc.

How do you do this?

Simply stand away from your designated Clarity Cache and imagine that space contains all those qualities.  Intend that when you step or sit in that space you will feel and be surrounded with all those qualities.

4.  Get Clear About Your Problem

At this point in the process, really feel into the problem, issue, challenge or situation in which you want clarity.

Allow your thoughts about it to flow through your mind. If you are wanting to decide between two or more options, imagine yourself following through with one, then the other option.

Feel the related emotions.

Notice how those emotions feel in your body.

Amplify all those thoughts and feelings so they are brighter, stronger, louder.

5. EFT on the Challenge

Now apply EFT to your challenge – still outside of your Clarity Cache.  This will work best if you customize the tapping to your particular situation, but here’s a general script you can follow.

Karate Chop

Even though I feel confused and I don’t have any clarity on this situation, I love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I can feel this confusion and lack of clarity in my body, I accept myself just the way I am.

Even though I don’t know what to do and that’s upsetting to me, I accept myself and all my emotions.

Tapping Through the Points

(for more information, see the tapping points chart or this short tapping points video).

I’m confused.

So confused.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t have clarity.

Feeling doubt.

So much doubt.

I don’t like this doubt.

It bothers me.

I like being sure.

I like the feeling of clarity.

And right now I just feel foggy.

I don’t know what to do.

And I can feel that not knowing in my body.

This lacking clarity feeling.

Take a deep breath.

6. Move into Your Clarity Cache

Now you are ready to move into the space you’ve imbued with clarity and wisdom.

First, look at it and imagine all the wisdom, clarity, insight and helpful guidance that is available to you in that spot.  Do whatever it takes to build up that expectation in your mind.

Not, sit down in an upright and comfortable position.  Close your eyes.  Simply be quiet and still.  Don’t try to force anything to happen or any specific thoughts to come. Be attentive, expectant and open to wisdom and insight.

When insights come to you, express inward gratitude.  Silently say something like, “Thank you for this insight.”

With your pen and pad at your side, take quick, simple notes of any ideas or insight that come to mind relating to your issue. After making a quick note, return to your eyes closed, expectant position.

If your mind is relatively quiet, you can sit there for anywhere from five to 20 minutes (or longer) just in receiving mode.   This is usually enough to get your answers your clarity.

On the other hand, if you find that your mind is busy and many thoughts are whirling through, step back out of the space and do more tapping.

7. Additional Tapping, if needed.

You might tap like this.

Karate Chop

Even though my mind is racing, what if it could slow down and relax?

Even though thoughts are flying through my mind and my mind is not still, what if it could be?

Even though I doubt this process will work for me, wouldn’t it be great if it could?

Tapping through the points

This racing mind.

Won’t slow down.

Can’t get quiet inside.

Can’t get clarity.

My thoughts are racing.

What if I could get quiet?

What if I could hear the quiet, even behind my racing mind?

What if I could get clarity, even with a noisy mind?

I’d like this process to work.

Or maybe I wouldn’t!

Maybe I want to stay confused.

Maybe I have some very good reasons for wanting to stay stuck.

And maybe I’m ready to let those reasons go.

I’m willing to allow wisdom and clarity to come to me.

I’m willing to be open to insight.

I’m open to clarity.

Take a deep breath.

Return to your Clarity Cache and repeat step six.

I’d love your feedback on how this worked for you.  It’s another method in my new direction of combining tapping and NLP = NLT.


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