Matrix Reimprinting With Karl Dawson in Thailand

Matrix Reimprinting and EFT with Karl Dawson in Phuket, Thailand, May 4-8, 2011

EFT Levels 1 and 2 Practitioner training and Matrix Reimprinting Introduction, May 4-6

Matrix Reimprinting, May 7 & 8

March, 2011 Update. Karl and I have decided to postpone this course.   We felt we started planning too close to the course date.  I’ll announce it again when we re-schedule.  Please contact me if you’re interested and I’ll keep you posted.

Come get Level 1 and 2 EFT Certification and Matrix Reimprinting training with Karl Dawson, EFT Master and co-author of the Hay House book, Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT.

The training will be held in the lovely  and peaceful southern tip of Phuket island, near Rawai and Nai Harn beach – perfect for swimming, beach-walking and sun bathing and with lots of Thai and international restaurants nearby (there’s even a French bakery just off Nai Harn beach!).

Our location in Phuket will give you the best of both worlds.

If you’d like to come early, or stay after the workshop (you really must!), you can either have a tranquil vacation in the Nai Harn/Rawai area, or sample the other pleasures of Phuket and Thailand.  You might be interested in night markets, delicious Thai food, inexpensive massage, shopping, hiking, elephant riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, night life and more.

There are also two world-class detox resorts near our retreat. I may ask Karl to say a few words about that, since he’s done some detoxing on Phuket.  This is another option if you’d like to extend your visit.

Fill in you name and email to get updates about this training.


Are you held back by your limiting beliefs?

Have you tried positive thinking and affirmations, but they just don’t seem to make a lasting impact on your life?

In spite of all your efforts to let them go, do you find your negative emotions affecting you?  Are you frustrated to keep running into the same patterns, same problems and the same types of people?

Are there painful memories you just can’t seem to shake?

Are you finding that even with all the self-help books you’ve read and all the workshops you’ve attended, you still can’t live the life you sense you were meant to live?

Do you have negative or limiting beliefs that stop you from being fully who you’d like to be?

Perhaps you have a sense that there’s something inside you that’s blocking you from becoming who you were meant to be.  And you just can’t seem to remove or transform those blocks.

What if you had freedom from your limiting beliefs?

Just imagine for a moment that you have a tool that allows you to quickly and easily change and release negative emotions.

Imagine that this tool is easy to learn and simple to use.

What if this tool gave you more power to be and do what you want in your life?

Have you ever wished that you had a different start in life?  A happy childhood with the ideal, loving and supportive family so you’d feel capable and empowered today?

What if you had a tool that could give you that new start in life?

A tool that let you go back into your childhood memories and rewrite them to create that loving supportive past you wish you’d had.

This tool would give you the chance to say or do exactly what you wish you’d said and done.  It would allow you to let go once and for all and move into your shining future.

*     *     *     *     *

In this Practitioner training, you will be given the tools to…

…rewrite your past and to free yourself from our negative emotions and beliefs.

This training is for your professional and personal use, and will enable you to use EFT and the amazing new self-help technique, Matrix Reimprinting, on yourself and others. You’ll be able to transform your own life, and also empower other people to transform too.

This training will give you the power to:

  • Release negative or disturbing emotions like anger, frustration, sadness
  • Rewrite your past
  • Change you limiting beliefs
  • Clear and resolve traumatic memories
  • Improve your relationships
  • Get more in touch with who you really are
  • Feel much more in control of your life
  • Get insights and tools to transform health and weight issues
  • Feel a greater sense of peace and calm
  • Feel more self -confidence and self-esteem
  • Gain insight into what’s been holding you back

When people leave this course they nearly always say they had no idea it would be so personally transformative and life-changing.

Join Karl Dawson, EFT Master and co-author of the Hay House book, Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT, for this awesome training event.

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