Mind Body Tapping Technique

Mind Body Therapy Tapping TechniqueMind Body EFT Tapping

In this post, you’ll learn…

…Three powerful tapping techniques to supercharge your EFT tapping (Emotional Freedom Tapping).

You’ll learn a simple and highly effective EFT tapping mind body method.

You’ll be able to skillfully and easily resolve big emotional stuff that’s plagued you in the past.

Use these three techniques together for a super-powerful mind body EFT tapping!

Do you ever feel awful and you just don’t know why?

You feel anxious or overwhelmed or irritated, or confused but you’re not sure what caused it?

I’m going to teach you a method that’s easy, quick and even fun!


Tapping Technique - Mind Body TherapyTapping Technique #1:

Face the Pain

This is one of the most valuable EFT tapping technique tips I know.

When an uncomfortable emotion arises, often your first instinct is to run.  To hide.

Clearly, you’re hoping you can outrun it.

Or if you can run fast enough, you think you’ll escape feeling the pain.

But it doesn’t work!

If you don’t tune in and address the actually distress, here’s what I’ve seen happen…

…You continue to run.

The Distress is just a step behind you, running at the same pace.  If you speed up, it speeds up.  If you slow down, it slows down.  You never get away and it never comes into view.

But when you turn around and face it…

… you now know what you’re dealing with and you can tap effectively.

I think you keep running, trying to avoid the pain, because of several reasons.

Tapping Tecnhique - Mind Body TherapyOne – you think you can escape it.

Two – you think if you face it you’ll feel worse.

Three – you imagine it’s much worse than it actually is.  So you’re scared to face it.

Tuning in can take as little as 10 seconds.  Just intending to understand the discomfort allows it to be known.

Who likes feeling negative emotions?

Your worthy impulse to do EFT is to feel better.


But what about the times when the EFT doesn’t make you feel better?

That can happen when we haven’t tuned into the real issue.  We’re just tapping on the symptoms (which sometimes works too, by the way!).

Here’s what you do.

1. Sit yourself down in a quiet, private place.  Close your eyes if that helps.

2. Tune in.  Notice what emotions and thoughts are coming up.

3. Make a list of what comes up.  This will help you from obsessively repeating the same burning thoughts over and over.

4. Use your list as EFT affirmations in this tapping technique (Click here for an EFT manual).

Tapping Technique #2:

Notice Your Body

This next tip is actually a nifty faster EFT tool.

And it works great going directly from Tip One, Face the Pain.

When you are quiet and still, you can tune into how your current discomfort is showing up in your body.

The physical component of an emotion can manifest anywhere.  It is often felt in the gut, chest, shoulders, neck, face and head.

But be open to feeling it anywhere.

When you feel it, you can do EFT tapping with what you notice in two ways.

First you can wordlessly tap on the points while simply tuning into they physical emotion.

Secondly, you can put words to what you feel.

Example (Follow this link for more info on the EFT tapping points and a tapping chart .):

EFT Tapping points - Eyebrow Point

Eyebrow: This tight chest.

Side of Eye: The weight on my chest.

Under Eye: I can’t get a good breath.

Under Nose: I can’t breathe.

Chin: My chest is so tight.

Collarbone: It feels like I can’t take a good breath.

Under Arm: This weight on my chest.

Top of Head: My tight chest.

Gary Craig used this technique a lot in his training video workshops.

It’s surprising, but even an emotional issue can be largely resolved by simply tapping on the body sensations you feel along with the emotion.


Tapping Technique # 3:

Ask Your Body

You might balk at this one, Ask Your Body.  You may feel silly attempting to “talk” to an area of your body.

I know I felt reluctant to do this at first.

But doing this can help you access thoughts and beliefs that are not available to your logical, conscious awareness.

And if the thoughts and beliefs are in you at all – even in your unconscious – they are affecting you.

Driving you.

Influencing you.

And lowering your vibe.

What to Do

While you’re quiet and tuned in…

Ask the area of physical sensation or discomfort, “What can you tell me?

Or, “What information do you have for me?

Be ready to openly receive what you hear.

Mind Body TherapyI’ve found that when the emotion is strong, the answer is always direct and to the point.

When the issue is very strong and the emotion is high, the information from your body will likely be immature.

Often very childish.

Sometimes vulgar.

Usually cutting.


Not nice!

My clients and I have gotten responses like, “You’re an idiot and a moron!” or “What a f@(#ing loser you are!”

A friend who recently tried this technique got a response from her two-year-old self.

When she asked her body what information it had about her anxiety about facilitating a meeting, the response way, “I’m afraid you’ll be a doody-head!

After some tapping, when you’re closer to clearing and resolving the issue, the body responses will be more wise, compassionate and insightful.

Then, you may hear something like,

“Look at the progress you’ve made!”

“You know how to keep yourself safe.”

“You’ve overcome harder things than this before!”

Next step: tap on the words you heard.

You can vary it up too.  With the example above, your tapping could be something like…

Eyebrow: You’re an idiot and a moron!

Side of Eye: You’re such an idiot!

Under Eye: You’re such a moron!

Under Nose: I do feel like an idiot.

Chin: I do feel like a moron.

Collarbone: I’m an idiot and a moron.

Under Arm: That feels awful.

Top of Head: I feel hopeless

Now, remember, with EFT tapping, you are not enhancing or increasing the negative when you tap on words like these.

Instead, you are releasing and clearing the impulse to even think them!

When you finish this step, return to Technique One.

Tune in again and notice the change in what you hear and feel.  If there are any remaining negative, limiting emotions and thoughts.

Move through these three techniques another time.

The results can be well worth the effort.

You are clearing the roots of your current discomfort and preventing similar triggers from causing you distress in the future.

And you’re enabling the Law of Attraction to work in your favor, because you’re clearing your negative vibrations.

Let us know how this Mind Body Tapping technique works for you.  Post your comment!


Natalie Hill

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