Sandi Radomski and Mind Body Methods

In this YouTube EFT video, Sandi Radomski, ND, talks about her unique forms of mind body techniques and the evolution of EFT technique.

Even with the 2010 ACEP conference noise in the background, this is one of my favorite EFT videos.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Allergy Antidotes

One of Sandi’s early contributions to the field is her highly effective Allergy Antidotes program.  Dr. Radomski is internationally known for her energetic methods to clear allergies.

The Allergy Antidotes method combines the best of EFT tapping, Body Talk, organ and meridian clearing and the use of a red laser.  This mind body method helps to clear the body’s stress response to the substance.   Even though the practice works on the emotional level, it often manifests in a physical clearing of the allergic response.

I’ve used the Allergy Antidotes methods for years to clear my emotional response to substances.  This has alleviated my allergies or sensitivities.  I’ve also shared these methods with clients, who have reported positive benefits.

Ask and Receive

Sandi Radomski is also the co-founder, with Tom Altaffer, of the Ask and Receive method.  Ask and Receive uses the power of “the word” and a higher source to heal physical and emotional conditions.  You’ll see her excitement about this program in the video.

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