Using Tapping, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting in Business

Yesterday I had an experience that was a perfect example of why I love tapping. EFT is an essential part of my life and the absolute best tool in my bag of tricks, especially when combined with Matrix Reimprinting.

Here’s what happened.

I’m starting work on an iPhone app for productivity, that uses EFT tapping as one of the resources. I had sat down to my computer, with three options in front of me.  I hadn’t yet decided which to do.

I noticed I had some negative emotion about the whole project.  Doubt, overwhelm, that kind of thing. And, I wasn’t feeling the kind of creative, resourcefulness that’s needed to begin a creative project.

I wrote a quick list of my doubts. Here’s what I wrote:

Overwhelmed and can’t get started on an App

Too many options

Too much work ahead

It’ll cost too much to develop

Too much management will be required of me

It’s a long shot

I don’t know enough

Too steep a learning curve

My vision is too weak

I can’t sustain the vision

With that list in mind, I went to the couch and lay down.

Matrix Reimprinting with EFT

From here on out, I’m going to describe doing a Matrix Reimprinting with EFT session I did on myself. If you’re new to Matrix Reimprinting, this will give you a sense of what goes on and how it differs from straight EFT.

Tapping the points gently, I thought, where am I feeling this in my body?  It was in my chest and throat.

Then I told myself to go deeper into that sensation in my chest and throat and let that sensation and  emotion take me back to a time in my life when I felt something like that.  I was still gently and slowly tapping the points.

The Scene I Remembered

I was reminded of a time when I was in my last semester in college at Arizona State University.  I was doing student teaching out of town at a boarding school, the Orme Ranch School in Cordes Junction.  I was swamped with work, had no support or mentoring from my “supervising” teachers and felt lonely and isolated.

The first day I arrived at Orme, the two teachers both handed over their classes – Physics and Biology – and disappeared. No help, no modeling, no mentoring. Nothing.

I remember teaching myself physics by taking out children’s picture books from the library, then teaching what I’d learned.  There was no way I could comprehend the high school text I was supposed to be teaching from, having never taken a physics course in my own high school or college.

I’d sometimes come home – to my mom’s house in Phoenix – on weekends, lugging a huge stack of books and student papers.

I was imagining I’d study and get lots of work done, but all I wanted to do was relax and socialize with friends and family.  The weekend would finish and I’d put my stack of work back in the car, leave my mom and drive back up to school.

After a weekends or two of this, my mom got disgusted with me and began letting me know how useless she thought I was and how I’d fail in work because I was irresponsible and  lazy.  It got to the point that it felt worthless whenever I was around her.

Reimprinting a Single Scene

To work with a single scene, I pictured being seated at the kitchen table with my mom, a pile of books and papers on the table beside me.

I noticed how I looked – deflated, insecure, defensive.  I saw her critical, scowling face – disgust written all over it.

Continually tapping, I stepped into the scene and introduced myself to that younger me, asking if I was ok if I come to help her feel different about the situation.

She knew me from lots of other work we’ve done in the “Matrix,”  and readily agreed. I asked if it was ok if I tapped on her (in my mind) and got her permission.

Tapping in the Matrix

First I tapped on her about the bad feelings she was feeling.

Even though you’re feeling deflated, insecure and defensive, you’re still a wonderful person.

Tapping through the points.

This deflated feeling.

Feeling insecure.

So defensive.

You’re afraid Mom is right – you’ll never succeed.

You’re afraid you’ll never be responsible and follow through with your intentions.

Feeling deflated by what Mom said.

Seeing that disgusted look on Mom’s face.

Feeling insecure about your future.

And so defensive.

Afraid Mom’s right.

Changing the Memory

Then I asked her what she wanted to do to heal this situation.  She wanted to have a frank and loving talk with Mom.

I continued tapping as I witnessed her talking to Mom.  The younger Natalie told Mom what Mom’s attitude and words were doing to her.  And how Mom’s behavior was having a negative effect on Natalie’s life, even 3 decades later.

My younger self told Mom what she needed and wanted from Mom instead of disgust.  She asked Mom to be understanding and empathetic of the situation Natalie was in at the boarding school.  And most important, Natalie wanted to hear Mom be confident  of her abilities.

Young Natalie asked Mom to say things to her like…

I’m sorry your student teaching is so difficult.

I wish you were getting modeling and support from your teachers.

I don’t blame you for wanting time off on the weekends.  Your weeks there must be very difficult.

I fully support you taking every weekend off.

I know you are a great teacher and terrific with kids.  All the grandkids adore you.

I have absolute confidence in you.

I know you’ll be successful in whatever you attempt.

You are a responsible and competent person. I know you’re doing a terrific job in your student teaching.

You’re in a difficult situation and you’re making the best of it.

I love you.

I admire you.

I approve of you

After instructing Mom of what younger Natalie wanted her to say, Mom did say those things (in my recreation of the memory).  I was tapping the whole time and witnessing this loving exchange.

Then, I finished up the way you do with Matrix Reimprinting.

Reimprinting the Memory

While envisioning this newly created memory, hearing what was said and feeling the positive emotions, I did the following four things.

1. I took the new memory into my brain through the top of my head, affirming that this is the new reality. I imagined the scene going to all my neurons.

2. I sent the scene to all the cells of my body. “This is the new reality,” I told them.

3. I then brought the scene up to my heart and surrounded it with colored light.  Pink is what I saw.  I made it bolder and brighter and amplified the confidence, trust and love I felt and the loving looks on Natalie’s and Mom’s faces.

4. Then I shot the scene out to the Universe in all directions – affirming that this is the new reality.

Testing the Memory

I opened my eyes for a change of scene, then returned to the original memory to test it.  Mom was no longer disgusted, but now loving and encouraging.  So far, so good.

Test #2

I went back to my desk and looked at my App ideas again.

It was as if they had totally changed – and I felt a huge shift in me!

The charge of fear and overwhelm when I looked at my three ideas was gone.  I looked at them with a balanced sense of intelligence and detachment. I saw an opportunity to improve one in a way that hadn’t occurred to me before.

I got right to work, now with a sense of passion and joy, and lacking in the former doubt and overwhelm.

I love this Matrix Reimprinting and EFT work so much, because I didn’t only change the way I worked in that moment, but I reduced that sense of self-doubt in all my work – from now on into my future.  (And maybe I even actually changed my past.)

Fast Change!

Although I didn’t time it, I know it didn’t take more than 20 minutes to do the transformation with Matrix Reimprinting.

I hadn’t taken the short break to do this work, I’d either be procrastinating getting started on the App, or I’d be forcing my way through with a low vibration and negative attitude.

What I’ve described here is different from traditional tapping. EFT is an integral part of the Matrix Reimprinting process…

…but it’s the changes you make in the memory that have such a huge positive impact on your life.

After reading my description of what a Matrix Reimprinting session is like, and the positive benefits, you may want more information. To learn more about the process, you have several options.

Learning More about Matrix Reimprinting

1.  Buy the Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT: Rewrite Your Past, Transform Your Future book by Karl Dawson (EFT Master) and Sasha Allenby.  Highly recommended and how I got my start with it – not even two months ago.

2.  Sign up for the Matrix Reimprinting online webinar course.  Facilitated by Sasha Allenby.  EXCELLENT.

3. Take a Matrix Reimprinting workshop.  Check the website for dates.

So much love for you, dear reader.


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