Deep Rejuvenating Sleep

Deep Rejuvenating Sleep

These instant MP3 downloads combine the power of EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques – or Tapping, with a healing, relaxation, guided visualization. ┬áTogether, they create the perfect conditions for deep and restful sleep.

Here’s what this Easy Sleep Kit includes:

  • How to Tap

How to use this quick, easy do-it-yourself mind body method for releasing the stress of the day so your mind quiets down, your body relaxes more quickly and you get a deeper, more rejuvenating full night’s sleep.

  • Tap Away the Stress of the Day

Use this guided tapping script to prepare the mind for calm and quiet and prepare the body for deep relaxation.

  • Body Song

A beautiful, relaxing guided visualization that will help you tune into your body and leave you feeling deeply relaxed and ready for a deep and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

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