10 EFT Tapping Tips

Supercharge Your Tapping with These Ten Tapping Technique Tips

EFT Tapping Technique

Here are ten innovative ways to use EFT tapping, Emotional Freedom Tapping.  Want to feel happier, healthier, and to attract more abundance?  EFT can help you clear your blocks and limitations in all areas of your life.  Here are some ways to use emotional tapping that may be new to you.

I’ve compiled this list of tapping technique tips to give you some new ways to bring power and novelty to your tapping, bringing your more health, joy and abundance.

1. Tune into your body.

Why:  It’s your body’s physical sensations that inform you that you’re having an emotion.  Simply tapping on what you feel can change the emotions.

How:  Notice the physical sensations that your represent your emotion.  Do you feel a tightness in your belly?  Compression in your chest?  Throbbing, squeezing, burning, tingling somewhere?  Notice the sensations and tap the points.

You can either describe them, verbally or mentally while tapping.  Or simply put your attention on what you’re feeling while silently tapping the points.

2. Ask Yourself

Why: Your inner self has the answers to what is bothering you, what’s at the root and how to resolve it.  All you have to do is ask.

How: Get quiet and still and ask your inner self questions like these:

What information do you have for me?

What can you tell me about this?

What do I need to know about this?

What beliefs are under this?

Listen for answers.  Use EFT tapping on the answers.

Tap, then ask again.  As you resolve one layer, new information will arise.

3. Argue

Why: When you’re stuck and feeling resistance, it’s because there’s an inner conflict.  Giving voice to both sides can allow it to clear.

How: Simply tap while giving both sides their say.

“I want to do X.  No, I don’t.  I want to do Y.”

“I deserve success.  I’m talented and capable.  No way, I’ll never succeed.  I’m a loser.  Who am I kidding?  Wait a minute, I’m experienced and skilled at this.”

4. Refuse to Change

Why:  Your Inner Lifeguard wants to keep you safe at any cost.  It doesn’t care one whit about success, only about survival.  Refusing to change calms your Inner Lifeguard down.  You may be surprised at how much better you feel when you tap out your refusal.

How:  Tap phrases like:

I won’t change.

I refuse to change.

I’m not doing it.

You can’t make me.

You’re not my boss.

I don’t have to do this.

I’m doing exactly what I want.

I’ll never listen to you.

5. Let Your Inner Lifeguard Speak

Why:  Consciously, you might not be tuned in to safety.  But a powerful part of you is.  I call him your Inner Lifeguard.

How:  Speak this sentence and let your Inner Lifeguard finish it:

“It won’t be safe to _____ because…”

Tap on what you hear.

6.  Just Tap

Why:  Tapping the meridian points helps balance your energy.  It helps clear and resolve issues that are active emotionally and those that are constantly running under the surface of your awareness.

How:  When you’re feeling strong emotion about something, just tap.  You don’t have to do the Set-up.  Don’t have to say anything at each point.  Simply tap the points.  This is EFT tapping at it’s most simple.

When you have nothing to do – sitting at a light, waiting for your computer to do something, sitting on the pot, in the shower, just tap.

7.  Get Out the Roots

Why:  Often it the earliest event that put a belief in place that is causing you distress today.  Until we tap on that earliest event, the old belief keeps getting regenerated and making us feel bad all over again.  The early event get re-triggered at anything that smacks of the earliest event – even if the smacking is happening unconsciously.

How:  Ask yourself,

“What’s the first time I remember feeling like this?”  Or,

“What does this remind me of?”

Then tap on that event.

8.  Stealth Tapping

Why:  Often it’s in the presence of other people that we’re most triggered, that our disturbing emotions flare the highest.

Face it, it’s not too cool to do a EFT tapping round at the conference table, during an interview or at dinner with the family.

But you need to relax those intense emotions to think straight, be smart and speak with wisdom (not to mention avoid saying things you’ll surely regret later).

How: Tap your fingers under the table!

First tap on the outer edge of your thumbnail.  Then tap the other fingers, at the thumb-facing edge of the fingernail.

You can help relax anxiety by tapping on the top of the hand, between the bones going to the last two fingers.

Or you can tap the fingers of one hand with the fingers of the other.  Upset?  Just tap stealthily while taking care of business.

9.  Improve Your Probabilities

Why:  You are creating your future in every moment by our thoughts and emotions.  The more positive your thoughts and emotions, the better you’ll like the events that unfold.  There are scores of ways to do this.  Here’s one.

How:  Imagine some things you’d like to experience in your future.  Tap beginning with these words:

What if…

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

I would love it if…

10.  Improve Your Vibe with Appreciation

Why:  Your state of attracting what comes next in your life is affected by your thoughts and emotions.  Feeling appreciation improves your vibe and attracts more things you’ll appreciate.

How:  While driving, while walking, while waiting, while falling asleep, when you wake up at night, think of 10 things you appreciate about something.  You can appreciate absolutely anything.  Count on your fingers to keep you focused on appreciating.  Here are some possible things to appreciate.  Say aloud, or to yourself:

“One thing I appreciate about _______ is _________.”

Here are some possible things to appreciate.  The list is endless.

Your day

Your car

The weather

The scene around you

Another person

Your body

Your wardrobe

Your job

Your childhood

Those are ten of my top EFT tapping tips.  But I’d like to know what YOU think!  Leave us a comment confirming, challenging or adding to this list of ten tips.


Natalie Hill

p.s.  This is just my first list of EFT tapping technique tips!  I have another ten nearly ready to go.  Type in your name and email above and I’ll keep you updated.

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