Tapping Technique: 5 Reasons to Learn

Big Reasons to Use Emotional Tapping and Tapping Therapy

Tapping Therapy Makes Happy LifeLearning the EFT tapping technique (and using it!) can have a powerful positive influence on your life.

Tapping therapy is something you don’t have to pay a cent for.

After a short initial learning phase, you can easily do it yourself.

When you learn and use EFT, anxiety can lessen to the point of not being a problem any more at all.

Emotional tapping can change your life.  Here are five BIG reasons why.

1.  Emotions, especially the negative ones are powerful forces.

Anger, fear, anxiety, dread, resentment, despair can all sidetrack you and nudge your life in directions you don’t want.  A tool like EFT can clear those negative influences.

Emotional Tapping for Trauma2.  Trauma: You have experienced trauma in your life.

It’s unavoidable.  You may have the big Trauma of violence, abuse, horror. (And I hope not.)

You surely have many of the small traumas.

Without a way of clearing the frozen mind body patterns of these disturbing memories, you are their puppet for the rest of your life.

A thought, sight, smell, voice, image, touch, memory can trigger painful thoughts and emotions.

Your mental, emotional, and physical reactions can feel just like you’re still in the original event, feeling those strong emotions again.

Tapping Technique takes away worriesThis is extremely limiting on your life. It’s like you have to tip toe around avoiding invisible land mines.

You feel out of control, sensitive, irrational, unable to be comfortable around others.

EFT can clear those events from your mind body system.

If you have big T Trauma, I suggest you work with EFT practitioners, to avoid getting swamped and re-traumatizing yourself or giving up out of frustration.

You can easily clear the small traumas yourself.

It will just take time and commitment and perseverance.  First to learn the tapping technique, then to do the tapping therapy.

The difference in how you feel and operate after clearing all those early disturbing memories will be dramatic and remarkable.

People look brighter, younger.  Have more energy.  Feel more creative, resourceful.

It’s like a world of possibilities opens up.

Many people doing emotional EFT lose weight.  I lost 25 pounds without trying.

I just lost that need to medicate my anxiety with carbs.  I cleared my early traumas and became much more comfortable, so comfort food lost its attraction.

3. Stuff happens. Unexpected things occur in your life and in the lives of your friends and family.

Accidents, disappointments, upsets, losses, irritations.  Things won’t always go your way.

With a tool like EFT, you can reduce the resulting bad mood from weeks to days, days to hours, hours to minutes.

Using EFT when you have an upset will enable you to have much more control over how happy you are, how effective you are at attracting a life of abundance.

Instead of being at the mercy of negative emotions, you naturally generate more happy ones.

Using tapping technique makes a happy life. 4. Wake Up!  All of this will lead you to become more aware and awake.

You will gain insight into the ways of the psyche.  There are some unexpected side benefits from this.

Your compassion and understanding of yourself and others will increase. You’ll gain wisdom into human nature.

This results in spiritual growth  (whether that was your intention or not). You’ll be more aware of your emotions moment by moment, because you now have a tool you can use to feel better when you feel bad.

5.  You’ll Grow Up. You’ll be able to be much more responsible for your emotions, thoughts, words and behavior.

You’ll see that your negative reactions to life are based on events that happened in your past or beliefs you hold about what’s good and what’s bad.

And you’ll know that you have the power to change your negative reaction by clearing past events or negative beliefs that no longer serve you.

You’ll gain the ability to see your role in creating your life and be more powerful at influencing your life’s positive evolution.

All this will allow you to take the credit or the blame for your success and happiness, instead of holding anyone else responsible.

It may sound incredible, that learning a little tapping technique could have such a positive impact on your life.  But, the truth is, it can.  It sure has for me and for many of my clients.


Natalie Hill

p.s.  What are your top reasons for using tapping therapy?  Let us know by posting a comment below.

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