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EFT Script for Loving and Accepting Yourself

The Importance of the EFT and Tapping Set Up

How do you feel when you say the classic EFT Set Up phrase -

I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

Do you find it easy to say and believe?

If you do, you may be in the minority.

Many people find it difficult to say those words …for several reasons.

Check the following reasons out and see if any ring true for you.

1.  I don’t love myself.

2. I don’t accept my feelings about this issue.

3. I’m afraid if I accept how I feel about this, I’ll reinforce the thing I don’t want.

4. I cannot forgive myself for this.

All these feelings can be categorized as resistance.  And you know the expression…

What we resist, persists?

What that means is that when we resist something, or push it away, we are causing it to persist.  The energy of resisting it, is giving our attention to the thing.  It’s like being given the instruction…

Don’t think of a pink elephant.

What do you think of?  A pink elephant, of course.

If you’re saying you don’t want to accept or love your illness, you are giving it the attention it needs to remain (like thinking of the pink elephant).

If you say you wouldn’t want to love and accept your current financial situation, because that would be reinforcing it…

…then you are blocking yourself from becoming free to attract a new, more prosperous life.

Here is a tapping sequence to help you move from a place of resisting feeling self-love and self-acceptance …to allowing it into your life.

If you’d like a refresher or training on the tapping points, see this short EFT tapping points video.

And for more information on the Dumping, Dreaming and Deciding rounds, see the EFT Manual.

Set Up

Even though I don’t deeply and completely love and accept myself, that’s the way it is.

Even though I realize I’m blocking my progress by not loving myself fully, that’s the was I feel right now.

Even though I’ve got issues that I want to change, and I don’t want to accept them, because it feels like accepting them would reinforce what I don’t want, that’s how it is for me.

Tapping through the points.

I don’t accept myself fully.

I don’t love myself fully.

I’ve got problems I don’t like.

And I don’t want to accept that.

I’ve got challenges in my life that I don’t feel good about.

So why would I want to feel loving and accepting of those?

That would just reinforce them.

And I want them to go away.

But I realized that my resistance is preventing their release.

I realize that by resenting them, by not accepting them, I’m preventing resolution.

And that’s a conflict.

I’m pushing and pulling at the same time.

So nothing happens.

I’m stuck.

Take a deep breath.

Set Up

Even though I’m stuck and I realize I’m pushing and pulling at the same time, what if I could loosen up a bit?

Even though my lack of self-acceptance is preventing my healing and well-being, what if I could begin to love and accept myself just a little.

Even though I don’t like the problems and challenges I have, I wonder if I could accept those feelings – all my feelings.

Tapping through the points

I’ve got some uncomfortable feelings about things.

There are things in my life I don’t feel good about.

I want things to be different.

What if I could accept all of that?

What if I could accept the way I feel about all that?

What if I could even accept the place I’m at right now?

I wonder if I could love myself a little more than I do now?

I wonder if I could accept my anger and pain and resentment and frustration and sadness?

I’ve always wanted love and acceptance.

I never got enough of it growing up.

I wonder if I could give myself a little more right now?

Deep breath.

What if I could love more of me now?

What if I could accept more of my now?

What if I could accept more of my feelings now?

What if I could truly deeply and completely love and accept myself now?

I choose to give myself more and more of the love and acceptance I’ve always craved.

I choose to be my own best supporter.

I choose to forgive myself for not being in a different place in my life right now.

I choose to fully accept where I am right now.

I choose to love myself.

I choose to approve of myself.

This is a good one to return to over and over, moving toward saying and meaning,

I deeply and completely love and accept all of me.

Much love,


p.s. Because I’ve had so many requests, I’ve started a new service of creating custom tapping scripts for folks  We discuss your issue, then I create a custom audio and written tapping script designed just for you.  If that is something that may interest you, see the details here.

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